SKarf 스카프 – Singapore K-Pop Girl Group Meet Fans at Bugis+

Skarf meet & greet fans at Bugis+
Skarf meet & greet fans at Bugis+

3 October 2012, Singapore – Alpha Entertainment Group, a Singapore-owned entertainment company, spent 2 years grooming their K-pop girl group SKarf 스카프.  The group makes their debut showcase with their first single “Oh! Dance” in Korea on 14 August 2012.  SKarf, made up of two Singaporean girls Tasha (타샤), Ferlyn (페린) and two Korean girls SOL (솔), Jenny (제니), are now back in Singapore to meet & greet fans.


SKarf was especially excited and happy to see that hundreds of fans had gathered at Bugis+ to meet them in person, even though they only debut for less than 2 months. Tasha and Ferlyn were touched that many close friends and family in Singapore came to give greetings and support to SKarf.


To show their gratitude, the four performed two tracks from their debut single, “Oh! Dance” and “My Love” to show off to everyone their confidence and stage presence and that they are ready for the K-pop & international music scene.

Quick Profile

SKarf 스카프 - Tasha (타샤)
SKarf 스카프 – Tasha (타샤)

Name : Tasha (타샤)
Nationality: Singaporean
Birthdate: 10 Nov 93
Height: 168 cm
Position : Leader, Rapper & Vocalist
Hobby : Sport & dance


SKarf 스카프 - SOL (솔)
SKarf 스카프 – SOL (솔)

Name: SOL (솔)
Nationality: Korean
Birthdate: 5 Dec 91
Height: 167 cm
Position: Main Vocalist
Hobby: “Jaksa”


SKarf 스카프 - Ferlyn (페린)
SKarf 스카프 – Ferlyn (페린)

Name: Ferlyn (페린)
Nationality: Singaporean
Birthdate: January 2, 1992
Height: 164 cm
Position: Lead Rapper &
Lead Dancer
Hobby: Dance


SKarf 스카프 - Jenny (제니)
SKarf 스카프 – Jenny (제니)

Name: Jenny (제니)
Nationality: Korean
Birthdate: 16 Feb 96
Height: 170 cm
Position: Maknae, Sub-Vocalist
Hobby: Plays the Piano


Be sure to check out more photos of SKarf on our Facebook Page.


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