Sunset Cycling in Bangkok

Bangkok – 29 November 2009 |

Who would have thought I would take the unprecendeted step to cycle after more than 10 years?

Well I decided to try that out, partially out of boredom from waiting from my 3 other accompanying companions who went for their manicure and pedicure and shopping spree.  Local friends decided to bring me to a near by “Railway” park where the railway workers union was located and where the workers stayed previously. The park was near to Union Mall near the familiar landmark Chatuchak.
Cabbed to this park with 2 other locale friends where we were whisked to a few bicycle rental shacks.  2 of us picked up the hideous Hello Kity pink bikes and one of my luckier friends managed to get himself a more manly black  bicycle. Yes! I did look ridiculous – an adult riding on a loud pink bike with a basket in the front.
But the evening breeze, fresh park air, and beautiful sunset view was quite a contrasting calming experience amongst the mayhem of shopping and debauchery of food and drink.  What surprised me was that the park was actually quite packed with many families laying out mats on the grass and enjoying themselves.
I ended the evening, totally exhausted but exhilarated by the experience that I would probably not get the chance to experience when I am back home in Singapore.

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