Singapore Mint Unveils 2016 Singapore Lunar Monkey Coins

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2016 Singapore Lunar Monkey Coins

2016 Singapore Lunar Monkey Coins


Minted in a wide range of fine gold, fine silver and base-metal coins, the two highly collectible series are also accompanied by the 2016 Uncirculated Coin set, consisting of five denominations of the third series circulation coins as well as a S$5 scallop-shaped coin. Available for pre-order now via The Singapore Mint and will be issued on 1 January 2016.

The S$10 Silver Piedfort Proof Coin is made of two troy ounce 999 fine silver with twice the thickness of an ordinary coin features a monkey with a peony symbolising blessings and festive cheer. The peach in hand symbolises longevity.

There will be nine versions of the coin. This year a 1 kg coin made of 999 fine silver will be offered making it the largest silver coin in Singapore.  There are also premium sets including a unique eight-sided floral-shaped ingot that features a family of monkeys. You can also invest in the 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 coin sets.

The third edition of the Chinese Almanac puzzle coin is intricately designed and features a coloured centrepiece of a local orchid hybrid created in celebration of Singapore’s Jubilee – Papilionan the Singapore Golden Jubilee. It is surrounded by 12 coins with each depicting the design of the animals in the third Chinese Almanac Series.  This coin set was created with a three-way interlocking concept, similar to that of a jig-saw puzzle requiring assembling several tessellating pieces.

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