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From the Editor, Adrian Eugene Seet

From the Editor, Adrian Eugene Seet

Welcome to SUPERADRIANME.com – your lifestyle news portal that lets you in on what’s the latest happenings. You can check out the latest gadgets here as well as our videos on our Facebook Page. Below is one we did recently about the Samsung Galaxy Note9 when Dennis our tech editor was in New York for the launch.


And also discover new place to dine at in Singapore such as Kota88 Restaurant which opened in early August 2018, serving Masakan Tionghua Indonesia, which is Chinese Indonesian cuisine. Or indulge in the new Heritage High Tea at Marina Mandarin. And if you prefer to eat at home, then learn how to make your own Som Tam Goong or Thai Papaya Salad with Prawns.


Plating your Som Tam Goong

Plating your Som Tam Goong



In April 2017, we launched SUPERTRAVELME.com another site dedicated to travel, destinations, hotel reviews, airline reviews and travel related news. We have moved travel-related content to SUPERTRAVELME.com.


You can learn about airline cabin reviews, the latest destinations to visit, which hotels to stay at and more. We hope to inspire you to travel. And don’t forget to check out our Facebook pages for video content.


You can plan your next vacation to Holland next year and visit the Keukenhof Gardens where you can check out the Tulips and other attractions.

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