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From the Editor, Adrian Eugene Seet

From the Editor, Adrian Eugene Seet

Welcome to SUPERADRIANME.com – your lifestyle news portal that lets you in on what’s the latest happenings.┬áTime has really passed so quickly as my colleagues and I have been busy producing content on videos as well as at SUPERADRIANME.com. Come 28 February 2017, we turn seven.

We could not have done it without readers like yourself for supporting us. Together with my team of writers, we hope that you would come back often to check out our content, which we will try to introduce more features as well as opinion pieces.

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We kicked off with two new travel videos. The first was from our trip in November last year to Europe with Trafalgar. We spent ten days discovering Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg.

Watch the video below. You will need some time to complete the video but that’s because we had to put all the vital information into the video so you can experience it just the way we did.

For Chinese New Year this year, we published our annual feature of red packet designs and this year there were over 150 designs. It wasn’t an easy task getting all the different red packets, and we spent quite a bit of time photographing them as well. You can check that out here.

We also headed to Taipei to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We wanted to show the world that there are still things to do during the festive season and not everything is closed. Watch our video below. We are pretty sure, it’ll inspire to make a trip to Taipei soon.



Adrian Eugene Seet



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