Food and Beverage

Ola Beach Club also serves their version of the Loco Moco (S$28) with a wagyu beef patty, kombu rice and panko egg.

Ola Beach Club: Life’s A Beach

Aloha! Ola Beach Club is here to entice with its Hawaiian-inspired dishes and Tiki cocktails that are just as delicious as they look.

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Jaime's Italian VivoCity has launched a hands-on Pizza and Prosecco Party where guests get to make their own slice with the help of the kitchen staff.

Jamie’s Italian: The Pizza and Prosecco Party To Remember

Make your own and eat it too. Jamie’s Italian Vivocity spruces up your celebration ideas with their hands-on Pizza and Prosecco Party!

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Luppolajo Agribirrificio's trio of American IPA, IPA and Kolsch is your gate-way to the craft beer scene with its premium yet approachable pints.

Italy’s Microbrewery Luppolajo Taps Into Singapore

New to the craft beer scene? Luppolajo Agribirrificio’s trio of American IPA, IPA and Kolsch is your gateway to a whole new world of happy tipples.

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Lobster Bonanza at Melt Cafe, Mandarin Oriental, serves up tons of lobster dishes in the various cuisine styles.

Melt Into A Lobster Bonanza At Mandarin Oriental

Satisfy your lobster cravings at Melt Cafe at Mandarin Oriental. Grilled, in a curry or in laksa broth, it will be available till 21 February 2017.

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KURO-OBI offers up Yokohama ramen noodles in a rich Tori-paiten (100% chicken broth) for takeaways at Marina Bay Sands. Pictured here is the AKA-OBI (S$10) with lightly spiced shrimp-based miso.

IPPUDO & KURO-OBI: Hakata, Japan and New York, USA unite at MBS, Singapore

IPPUDO greets 2017 with the opening of New York’s KURO-OBI, serving rich chicken broth ramen to-go at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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The Secret Mermaid will be introducing a new cocktail menu come January, featuring many of their unique spirits sourced from all over the world.

The Secret Mermaid : A Treasure Trove Of American Craft Spirits

Come to The Secret Mermaid for the drinks, and stay for the history and ingenuity of each bottling with the enthusiasm of head bartender, Kelly D’Cruz.

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Meal Belly brings Green Caviar, the famous sea grape seaweed from Okinawa, straight from the ocean and into our homes. Pictured here are the green caviars used as a topping in a Poke Bowl courtesy of The Poke Theory.

Green Caviar, The Superfood Straight From The Ocean To Your Home

Meal Belly brings Japan’s famous Sea Grapes a.k.a. Green Caviar from the ocean and straight into our home – with just a click!

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The Singleton of Glen Ord is sure to be a hit at Chinese New Year, uniting connoisseurs and first-timers with its surprising pairings with our favourite festive treats.

Usher In The Rooster With The Singleton of Glen Ord

The Singleton of Glen Ord to unite connoisseurs and first-timers with its surprising pairings with our favourite Chinese New Year treats.

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The Belljar presents the Har Cheong Siew Yoke (S$15).

A Glimpse Into The Belljar’s New Menu

Adding on to their cocktail bar and whisky lounge, The Belljar launches their restaurant-cum-retail concept on the first floor.

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Pizza Acqua e Farina (S$25) : tomato, mozarella, ricotta cheese, salami and sautéed spinach.

Acqua E Farina : A Taste of Italy At The Rail Mall

Skip the red eye flight, and head on over to Acqua e Farina at The Rail Mall for a true taste of Italy – North and South.

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