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Luppolajo Agribirrificio's trio of American IPA, IPA and Kolsch is your gate-way to the craft beer scene with its premium yet approachable pints.

Italy’s Microbrewery Luppolajo Taps Into Singapore

New to the craft beer scene? Luppolajo Agribirrificio’s trio of American IPA, IPA and Kolsch is your gateway to a whole new world of happy tipples.

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The Secret Mermaid will be introducing a new cocktail menu come January, featuring many of their unique spirits sourced from all over the world.

The Secret Mermaid : A Treasure Trove Of American Craft Spirits

Come to The Secret Mermaid for the drinks, and stay for the history and ingenuity of each bottling with the enthusiasm of head bartender, Kelly D’Cruz.

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The Singleton of Glen Ord is sure to be a hit at Chinese New Year, uniting connoisseurs and first-timers with its surprising pairings with our favourite festive treats.

Usher In The Rooster With The Singleton of Glen Ord

The Singleton of Glen Ord to unite connoisseurs and first-timers with its surprising pairings with our favourite Chinese New Year treats.

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The Belljar presents the Har Cheong Siew Yoke (S$15).

A Glimpse Into The Belljar’s New Menu

Adding on to their cocktail bar and whisky lounge, The Belljar launches their restaurant-cum-retail concept on the first floor.

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Cocktails from Auchentoshan's The New Malt Order

Auchentoshan New Malt Order Only from 21 to 24 December 2016

Auchentoshan takes over the newly-opened Monti to present A New Malt Order, a different encounter with whisky for four days from 21 to 24 December 2016.

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One the most special sakes available at Shukuu Izakaya is the Bodaimoto from Imanishi Brewery (S$118/bottle), and is best paired with the Tsukune (S$4.50).

ShuKuu Izakaya : A Hidden Gem For Sake Aficionados

Dive into the world of Japan’s delicious sakes with Luis Liu of Shukuu Izakaya, paired with the kitchen’s many side dishes.

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Red Tail Bar presents Cold Brew Lover (S$18): Dark rum, honey water, orange bitters and homemade cold brew coffee. It comes with a polariod taken at the point of order.

Red Tail Bar : Come For The Drama Before The Party

Whether you’re a “Cold Brew Lover” or “Fancy Uncle”, RedTail Bar is what you need to charge up before a night of Clarke Quay-worthy shenanigans.

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Remy Martin XO. (Credit: Sebastien Ripari)

Remy Martin XO: Discover The True Heart of Cognac

Remy Martin’s new XO bottling is an experience to be revered – neat or on ice.

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Crackling Pork Belly (S$18)

Party Through 1960s Shanghai With VLV, Clarke Quay

Wrap November’s last weekend up in style with VLV’s 1960s Shanghai party and Dim Sum buffet.

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The Gibson by Aki Eguchi (Gibson), Michito Kaneko (Lamp Bar Nara, Diageo Reserve World Class Global Winner 2015), Umenoyado Brewery (Japan), Ashino Sushi (Singapore).

Gibson Bar Celebrates First Anniversary With World Collaboration Menu

Gibson Bar celebrates its first anniversary with an exciting World Collaboration Menu, featuring 15 craftsmen, 6 countries and 5 cocktails.

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