FUN! JAPAN Launched “FUN! JAPAN-KIZUNA”, an online bulletin board where visitors can ask locals for more in-depth Information about Japan!

Discover Japan’s Hidden Treasures: Unveiling “FUN! JAPAN-KIZUNA” – The Gateway to In-Depth Insights through Local Interaction on online bulletin board

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach Newswire – 7 February 2024 – Fun Japan Communications, a JTB Group company that operates “FUN! JAPAN,” has launched a new service, “FUN! JAPAN-KIZUNA”.

FUN! JAPAN Launched

FUN! JAPAN has been continuously conducting activities such as information dissemination, campaigns, and events related to the attractions of Japan for its “approximately 1.4 million” fans of Japan in Asia. FUN! JAPAN is pleased to announce the grand opening of the new service “FUN! JAPAN-KIZUNA” to help visitors to enjoy the trip to Japan deeper than ever before.

FUN! JAPAN-KIZUNA allows members of any nationality to enjoy exchanges with each other through simultaneous interpretation in Japanese, English, and Chinese (traditional). In addition, by promoting the registration of not only international fans of Japan but also both International and Japanese residents in Japan, FUN! JAPAN-KIZUNA provides “local information” and “real voices” on users’ favorite topics that they could not easily find on the Internet until now.

Furthermore, from a medium- to long-term perspective, it aims to activate exchanges among registered members and to create a platform where users can share information and experiences in Japan while interacting with each other.

FUN! JAPAN hope to connect to various business activities and services by grasping the latest needs of diversifying travelers to Japan.

[Simultaneous translation function]

When using the site, users can choose “Japanese”, “English”, or “Chinese (Traditional)” and write comments regarding the related topics.

[For local governments and companies that wish to utilize data on Asian consumers who love Japan in their marketing activities]

FUN! JAPAN-KIZUNA will support the overseas marketing of “regions” and “companies” by utilizing its membership database, which includes newly registered members in addition to the existing approximately 1.4 million Japan members.



Fun Japan Communications Inc. will develop new services through co-creation with various regions and companies.

With “JAPAN-KIZUNA”, we will continue to fulfill our mission as a “bridge” between Japan and Asia as stated in our company’s philosophy.
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