BENTA BERRY: French skin care & fragrance line in Singapore

21 June 2012, Singapore – Between the ages of 12 to 24, youths’ skin is different from that of adults, and necessitates specific treatment. Youths’ skin requires specific care adapted to its needs.

In collaboration with Dr. Naima Zerrouk from the Université Paris-­‐Descartes, BENTA BERRY has created a complete range of face and body treatments to meet the unique needs of boys’ and girls’ skin between the ages of 12 to 24.   These products come in convenient travel sizes for use throughout the day in accordance with the chrono-­biology of your skin.

BENTA BERRY products are made from 100% natural active ingredient from all over the world and are selected based on ancestral traditions for their effectiveness and cosmetic virtues. Ranging from organic apples from Normandy, pineapples from Brazil, mangoes from India, cranberries from Quebec to kiwis from China.

BENTA BERRY are available for purchase at selected Guardian or from the official website


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