Brands MycoProtec with Box

BRAND’S MycoProtec Essence of Mushroon – an Immunity Boost!

Brands MycoProtec with BoxMany do not realise that living in a city can cause more harm because city life can be extremely fast paced and stressful. When we live in a stressful environment, we could potentially fall prey to free radicals – the bacteria that makes us fall sick- in our environment. Furthermore, the viruses these days have mutated and are resistant against medicine. The antimicrobial-resistant phenomenon has become a major public health threat globally.

Brands MycoProtec Mushrooms

Prevention is better than Cure

Viral infection cannot be treated with medication which means the only way to save ourselves is to boost our immune system. BRAND’S recently launched a natural mushroom essence formulated with five medicinal mushrooms containing the active compound mushroom beta-glucans which are effective in strengthening our immune system.  BRAND’S MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom contains Lingzhi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Yamabushitake, Shiitake and what they do for you:


One a day keeps the doctor away

BRAND’S MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom retails for $27.90 per pack (8 bottles x 65ml) at NTUC FairPrice and Guardian outlets island wide.



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