DIY Pelvic Pillow Diet – lose up to 7cm on waistline in 5 minutes

DIY Pelvic Pillow Diet - lose up to 7cm on waistline in 5 minutes
DIY Pelvic Pillow Diet (Picture credit:

New year new resolutions. We are looking at shed some of those inches we gained over the year-end festive feasting during Christmas and the New Year. We happened to chance on this simple and somewhat MIRACLE exercise called the Pelvic Pillow Diet on a Taiwanese variety show recently. Amused by its results, this simple stretch exercise managed to show a lost of 7 cm on the waistline in just five minutes. So to proof that what I saw was not a hoax, I tried this exercise together with a few friends and we got immediate results ranging from 3cm to 5cm! SO IT REALLY WORKS.


Make your Pelvic Pillow with a bath towel
Make your Pelvic Pillow with a bath towel (Screen grab from YouTube)


So What Is Pelvic Pillow Diet?

It is a stretch exercise where you require the aid of a cylindrical pillow (or a rolled up bath towel) to support the arch on your lower back while laying on your back on a flat solid surface, stretching (as shown above) and holding for five minutes. SO SIMPLE!

Originated from Japan, the Pelvic Pillow Diet (骨盤枕ダイエット) is not just a slimming exercise, but to also help in correcting pelvic distortions. As most of us may not be aware, pelvic distortions may affect our health, dietary and metabolic rate. Most commonly, pelvic distortion is the root cost to your lower back pain and not the activity you were doing when the pain kicks in. Pelvic distortion also makes your body gain weight easily and losing this weight harder. Here are some other health affects on pelvic distortion (source

  • Lowering of internal organs cause your belly to stick out
  • Impaired functionality of internal organs leads to constipation
  • Impaired internal organ functions causes a drop in metabolism
  • Bad posture causes a drift between muscles you use and don’t use making it easier to put on and harder to take off fat in areas
  • Impaired circulation causes further drop in metabolism
Pelvic Pillow Diet Result (Screen grab from YouTube)
Pelvic Pillow Diet Result (Screen grab from YouTube)


For only five minutes a day, this simple stretch exercise may be your secret to a healthier and slimmer lifestyle. Just give it a try and you will know what I mean. You maybe surprised to find yourself easily slipping into that pair of tight pants just after one try. Here is a video clip from a Japanese variety show. The video is not subtitled but you will understand them just by looking at it. Skip to 5:30 mark if you want to skip the intro.

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