Cremorlab T.E.N. range

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Tinoq Russell Goh, Angelique Nicolette Teo and Sylvia Toh at Cremorlab Singapore launch (Cremorlab Singapore photo)
Tinoq Russell Goh Angelique Nicolette Teo and Sylvia Toh at Cremorlab Singapore launch Cremorlab Singapore photo

A wave of white, pure and fresh, greeted at CREMOLAB’s beauty workshop. (It felt like entry into iCloud.) Guests attending the exclusive event, hosted by the leading make-up and skincare brand from South Korea, were cushioned in a comfort zone of bingsu, colour pencils, fluffy white hairbands, and pretty girls – and boys, naturally – all around.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, if this is not already your mantra, girl, where have you been! Under the ocean with Spongebob? Speaking of sponge, Cremorlab’s hydrating cushion compacts is a lifesaver for dry skin.

Cremorlab T.E.N. range
Cremorlab TEN range

And we’ve all had those days, faced with parched and leathery skins that could use a drink pronto. The R&D, 10 years in the works, of Cremorlab’s waterful wellness is T.E.N. Nature’s gift, harnessed to perfection to keep your skin ever on the improve.

T.E.N. is Cremorlab’s core-based ingredient, a thermal water of superior hydration properties to keep skin moist, soft, radiant, and healthy, so dewy in fact, it’s a wonder you’re not featuring in the current Korean TV soap opera. T.E.N. is premium thermal water from a small town deep in the mountains in South Korea, containing rare and essential minerals, with antioxidant properties. When the make-up stylist had finished on his model, with minimum dabs and pats, she looked 10-upon-10 all right.

Cremorlab is available at #01-187 Tangs Vivocity, #01-48/49 Guardian Beauty at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.


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  1. Billie Jo Barnett

    Sounds like a wonderful product. Is it available in California?

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