SingPost Fun Facts – What Is Santa Claus’ Address?



SingPost has been Singapore’s postal service for over 150 years. Even in this Digital Era, SingPost services are still essential in our daily lives. SingPost is constantly upgrading and providing new services to keep up with the evolution and customer demands. From July 2013, SingPost will be going through a two year major upgrade for their Mail Processing systems to prepare for future demands for postal services.

So how much do you know about SingPost? Here are some fun facts:

  • SingPost’s history can be traced back to the founding of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819.
  • SingPost processes over 3 million postal items a day.
  • 80% of the postal items belongs to corporate mails.
  • 99.4% Next Day Delivery for basic letters, it is also the best record in the world.
  • 14,000 undeliverable mails with no indication of address and improper packaging are received each day.
  • Kids love to send mails to Santa Claus and GOD. In December each year, SingPost will consolidate the letters to Santa and send them to Finland.
  • Everyday 20 to 30 wallets and passports are found and collected from the mail bins islandwide. SingPost has been returning these cards and licenses to the relevant organisations where possible.
Undeliverable mail items - BTW that's just a plush toy not a real dog :-)
Undeliverable mail items – BTW that’s just a plush toy not a real dog 🙂
  • Singapore is split into 83 zones and mails are distributed via seven regional SingPost offices islandwide
  • Now you can collect your parcels 24/7 at your convenience with the new POPStation service aka ‘Pick Own Parcel’.

  • SingPost Mobile App on Apple iOS and Google Android will help you track parcels, locate a post office, find a postal code or calculate postage just with a few clicks.
  • Other than postal services, SingPost also handles Basic Banking Services, Financial Services, Remittance and many other services.
  • In 2006, SingPost won top award for ASEAN Energy Award (Retrofitted Category) with an estimated reduction of 2,531 tons of carbon dioxide a year.


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