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Forget about Brandon Routh from Superman Returns (2006), Henry Cavill in Man Of Steel will be your new sex symbol with a huge S on his chest. Henry’s manly and masculine charm makes him one of best looking and in-character Superman ever. And many would wish that Clark Kent should have kept his beard for that manly, unshaven & masculine look.

With the wits of Director David S. Goyer  Christopher Nolan from Dark Knight trilogy on the storyboard, Man Of Steel will not just be a plain superhero movie without any depth. It explores the possibilities of how an alien in the land of humans when nurtured  by Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) with the right teachings will become a saviour instead of a devil. And making Kevin Costner’s cameo role more memorable than that of the other father played by Russell Crowe

In this two and a half hour movie, I was amazed by how it is able to tell a depth story which includes Superman growing up as a child, how his planet was destroyed, discovering his roots and falling in love with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) while keeping you glued to your seat. The action sequences were  intense, chaotic and rapid, reminding me of Dragon Ball animation where you see buildings and a mountain collapsed after a BANG & BOOM, cars and vehicles flying passed with a WOOSH. It is a movie I highly recommend to watch in 3D. At the end of the movie, you will be begging for the sequel to be out real soon. 

I would give Man Of Steel 4.5 out of 5. It time to book a date at the movie theatres this weekend.


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