Review: Singin’ In The Rain Splashes Its Way Into Singapore

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Duane Alexander plays character Don Lockwood in the musical tour of Singin’ In The Rain in Singapore. Credits: Hagen Hopkins

London’s award winning hit musical Singin’ in the Rain has finally arrived in Singapore! Happening right at the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands from 9 – 26 July 2015, it will give audience a light-hearted depiction of Tinsel town glamour as the age of silent films come to an end. That of course, is a backdrop the unfolding of a fairy tale-like love story between the stars of the show; Don Lockwood (Duane Alexander) and Kathy Selden (Bethany Dickson).

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

Bethany Dickson performs Dream of You while reacquaints herself with the charming Don Lockwood

Directed by Jonathan Church, it will feature songs by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed, with original screenplay and adaptations by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Of course, it will have Andrew Wright’s Olivier Award nominated choreography coupled with Simon Higlett on stage design, Matt McKenzie on sound and Tim Mitchell on lighting.

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

The ending scene of the dynamic dance number by Bethany as Kathy Selden

Every component joined hands to bring audiences all the magical moments on stage. One great example would be when Kathy showcased her stunning musical talent with “You Are My Lucky Star”. The spotlight slowly focuses on Kathy, drawing our focus to her shining moment (quite literally) in a soft, subtle way through her melodious performance.

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

During You Were Meant For Me. Credits: Hagen Hopkins

The costumes truly brought out the romanticism between Don and Kathy. The 1920s Parisian style, straight and slender, gave a beautiful drapery that swirled with each of Kathy’s grace. Nothing was more beautiful than when Don finally revealing his feelings for Kathy singing “You Were Meant for Me”. The drape upon her shoulders and dress, coupled with Andrew Wright’s choreography, brought out the sweet innocence we have always loved in Kathy.

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

The trio during the famous Good Morning number

Talking about the choreography, I adored how Andrew reinvented “Beautiful Girl” into a more upbeat routine, doubling up as Kathy re-introduction into Don’s world. But, one cannot leave out the iconic “Singin’ In The Rain” scene. Andrew recreated Gene Kelly’s original routine in the original 1952 MGM movie, with Duane’s Don Lockwood charm shining through with every step. No doubt, this leading actor brought on a good mixture of charisma and wit perfect for the dance.

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

Duane Alexander gave audiences a splashing good time during his Singin’ in the Rain number

He even had audiences cheering on as he gave the first few rows a splashing good time (up to row D)! It is hard not to fall in love with a man who can bring 500 kilowatts of stardust at the flip of a switch, after all.

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

Taryn-Lee Hudson as Lina Lamont during her What’s Wrong With Me number. Credits: Hagen Hopkins

Though, many would agree that the true stars of the show were Taryn-Lee Hudson as the bleached blonde film superstar Lina Lamont and Steven van Wyk as the brilliantly hilarious Cosmo Brown. Jeopardised by the arrival of talking films no thanks to her screechy Brooklyn accent, her solo number “What’s Wrong With Me” had everyone at their stiches. I shall hold back from revealing more of the plot for those new to the show, but she Taryn-Lee’s Lina is sure to keep you entertained!

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

Steven van Wyk as Cosmo Brown during his Make em Laugh number. Credits: Hagen Hopkins

Steven’s Cosmo was a lovable character from the get-go. His bold, cheeky one-liners were delivered terrifically, and the great comedy number “Make ém Laugh” was just as spectacular. It was packed with body gags, choreographed and performed in unison with the rest of the dynamic cast, giving audiences a glimpse of the hilarious havoc he caused on set.

Singing in the rain review singapore mbs 2

Beautiful Girl

There is no movie musical more entertaining than Singin’ in the Rain, and its magic definitely lives on. It always leaves audiences with a delightful, glorious feeling. Truly, no matter how much the rain dampens our spirit, we should take a page out of Don’s book and see that “the sun is shining from all over the place.”

Singin’ in the Rain is showing at the Grand Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands from 9 – 26 July 2015. Ticket prices range from S$65 to S$195 excluding S$4 booking fee per ticket. Book through Base Entertainment Asia, Marina Bay Sands or SISTIC.


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