A visit to Red Bull Racing Team Garage at the F1 Paddock

23 September 2012, Singapore – It was 3.30pm, a hot and humid afternoon on the second day of 2012 Singapore Formula 1 Night Race and we were invited by Red Bull to visit the Red Bull Racing Team garage at the F1 Paddock. The F1 race cars need to be at their very best condition for every race. It’s non-stop action in the garage, mechanics & engineers are working around the clock to checking, remove faulty parts and assemble new parts to the F1 race cars.

Even on the tracks, you can see crews rushing around to ensure every part and every little detail of around the paddock compound is in tip top condition before the start of every race, so that millions of F1 fans from around the world will be able to enjoy a perfect race from every team.

Many fans with access to Zone 1, camped outside the paddock entrance the whole sunny afternoon, just to wait for photo opportunities and autographs from their favourite F1 drivers. And the good news is, Singapore Grand Prix have extended another five years to hold the one and only F1 Night Race in the world. So F1 fans in Singapore will get more chances to meet up close with the F1 drivers.


The sponsor for F1 racing teams, Red Bull Racing team & Scuderia Toro Rosso is the BLUE labeled Austrian Red Bull and not the gold can Thai Red Bull?


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