Savour 2012 - Chef Tatiana Szeles

Brazilian Chef Tatiana Szeles Joins Stellar Lineup At Savour 2012

26 March 2012, Singapore – Brazilian Chef Tatiana Szeles will be here to join the festival’s star-studded list of award-winning international chefs including Alain Passard, Alvin Leung, Emmanuel Stroobant, Gunther Hubrechsen, Hans Valimaki, and many more.  With this addition, visitors to the inaugural gourmet festival can look forward to sampling signature dishes presented by 16 chefs including Michelin-star recipients and some of the world’s top 100 restaurants at the Savour Gourmet Village from 30 March to 1 April.

Chef Tatiana went to Spain in 2011 to apply her craftsmanship to Michelin-star restaurants Guggenheim and Mugaritz, as a guest chef in an exchange programme by the Spanish government. Her visit took her throughout Spain, on a gastronomic journey to familiarise herself with the techniques and flavours of Spanish cuisine, wines and produce.

Twice recognised as the ‘Chef Revelation’ by prestigious Brazilian gourmet magazine Gula, Chef Tatiana continues to deliver a unique interpretation of Brazilian cuisine at BOA Bistro, mixing classic flavours with contemporary influences, and presenting an extraordinary experience through dishes that are elegant yet unusual.
Food aficionados can look forward to tasting Chef Tatiana’s Brazilian creations at Savour’s Gourmet Village, and attending her complimentary masterclass at Savour’s Gourmet Auditorium.

To buy tickets, go to For more information on Savour, visit or call 6235 5184. 

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