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Celeb Watch: Singapore Grand Prix 2024 Version

Events like the Grand Prix are an interesting and exciting mix of world-class drivers and cars, celebrity attendees, and “average joes.” The hype and excitement surrounding a race of this calibre cannot be overstated. There are races to watch and celebrities to pick out of the crowd, and several concerts accompany the festivities. Here’s who’s playing, who is driving, and who you might get a glimpse of at the Singapore F1 GP this year.

Which Celebs Might Attend?

Nothing is more exciting than attending an event and knowing that you may be in attendance with some of your favourite actors and singers. It’s a thrill to find yourself under the same roof as a beloved celebrity, and we have a reasonably good idea of which celebs we may be able to spot in Singapore this year.

Michelle Yeoh

Though you may be surprised to learn that the 61-year-old Malaysian actress is an F1 fan, it’s true! Multiple reporters snapped pictures of the Oscar-winning actor and her other half having a wonderful time at the races. Traveling from Geneva, Switzerland (we hear that Michelle has used a private plane since her 2015 Nepal stranding), Michelle and her husband, Jean Todt, stayed in Singapore for the duration of the races.

Post Malone

The singer-rapper was invited to perform at the event last year and enjoyed watching the races before he took to the stage and played a set that people are still talking about in 2024. His set came immediately after Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz took pole position in the qualifier, so emotions were already running high. The intensity of Posty’s (as he’s affectionately known) performance on the Padang Stage blew fans away. His set was hot — and we mean literally! The pyrotechnics were incredibly entertaining, but not as much as the rapper-singer’s incredible live performance.

President Bongbong Marcos

The Department of Agriculture secretary has not missed an F1 race in Singapore since 2022, so he will likely attend this year as well. Last year, the Philippine leader was invited by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and given exclusive Ferrari pit access.

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Which Teams Are Racing?

Though looking out for celebrities is a fun pastime at important international events, it’s the racers and cars we’ll all be looking out for. These are the details of some of the top teams competing in Singapore in September this year.

Red Bull | Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

Verstappen and Perez will be tearing down the track for Redbull in the RB20 in Singapore this year. This 6-cylinder (4 valves per cylinder) beast of a vehicle weighs in at 151 kgs and runs on Mobil 1 oil. With a 1,600cc capacity and a 900 HP output, Verstappen and Perez will be hard to catch. Bahrain tests saw good results from both the drivers and the car.

Ferrari | Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz

Initially, Ferrari’s SF24 F1 vehicle gave both Sainz and Leclerc a bit of a scare. In 2023, the drivers both admitted to struggling with the vehicle, but now that the geniuses at Ferrari have made some crucial changes (more downforce, more power, and a lighter build), the pair feel confident that the rest of 2024 will be smooth sailing.

McLaren | Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri

McLaren finds itself in a significantly better position than it was in the middle of last year. The British team was at the bottom of the pecking order, but they made their way back from the ledge, and the MCL-38 is in better fighting shape than ever.

Will There Be Performances?

Last year, huge artists like Culture Club, Post Malone, and The Kings of Leon graced the stages at the Singapore Grand Prix. With this high bar, you can be sure that this year’s performances will be just as great! Though the schedule has not yet been confirmed, keep your eyes peeled for details.

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Image by Rezk Assaf via <a href=httpswwwpexelscomphotoalpha tauri formula 1 17424277 target= blank rel=noopener title=Pexels>Pexels<a>

Singapore Grand Prix 2024

Despite the commotion around the arrest of former Transport Minister S. Iswaran — which has led the Singapore government to reassess its dealings with Formula 1 — all reliable sources say that the Grand Prix is still set to go ahead. 

Though Iswaran’s charges have cast a pall over the exciting event and raised several questions about the integrity of all the contracts involved in the undertaking, F1 fans worldwide are relying on the government to carry through the many preparations already in place. Gathering in Singapore has become a yearly tradition, and we hope to see you in the stands later this year, cheering on your favourite drivers and hoping for a win.

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