What’s new in this year’s Formula One race in Singapore

In 2009, the Singapore Grand Prix featured the first F1 Rocks Concert in Singapore at Fort Canning Hill.  I had to give F1 Rocks a miss last year as I was involved with the official launch of the Ferrari California at Red Dot Museum and the media conference for Ital’s Auto win of the Ferrari dealership.


Watch Beyonce‘s Crazy In Love Live at F1 Rocks.


The Backstreet Boys


This year I have to make sure I keep 25th and 26th September free to check out 2 Iconic Italian Acts that the Singapore GP will be bringing in as part of the S$5 million entertainment budget.

Italian production maestros Studio Festi and Andrea Bocelli‘s proteges, the DIV4S will be transforming sections of the circuit park into a visual and musical treat, complete with dramatic sets, lavish scores and acrobatic numbers.

If you check out Studio Festi‘s website, I am sure you’ll be as amazed by the acts as I did.   Valerio Festi, the brainchild of the masterpieces, together with his partner, the playwright and director Monica Maimone, has created an almost unique identity as an architect of events who can transfigure places and urban spaces, making sense of repeated holiday observations, and involve people in a renewed understanding and sense of these occasions.

In conjunction with the Italian Institute of Culture Singapore, an after dark audiovisual show themed Italian Harmony will be presented at Zone 4 of the Marina Bay Street Circuit on qualifying and race day 25th to 26th September 2010.

I particularly like:


Water Dance


The vision of Valerio Festi, a staple presence of open air theater


Some interesting Technical Digits for Studio Festi’s Italian Harmony that will be recreated in just 2 days at the Marina Bay Street Circuit include:

2 days to set up

2 full dress rehearsals

2 show times

6 unique sets of Suspension, Fire and Aerial Stunts

34 crew members

45-minute spectacular live show

56-ton crane used to hang the suspension cables of a height of 22 metres, conjoined to a 25-metre high Tower Truss and held down by Concrete Blocks that weigh over 9 tons

100-metre long suspension cables will hang across the Padang field at a height of 22 metres

Diameter of Flying Sphere is 9 metres (twice the height of an overhead bridge)

Diameter of Rolling Sphere is 6 metres

Length of the Flying Ship is 14 metres and weighs 150kg


Desiree, Isabella, Vittoria and Sofia – DIV4S

An ensemble of 4 sopranos with a sole purpose of presenting a new concept of singing that includes a reprocessing of evergreen hits, Italian classics and international pop songs, performed with their signature operatic voice and orchestra suggestions.  The four young and enthusiastic singers – Desiree, Isabella, Vittoria and Sofia hail from a similar background of conservatory studies.    Their multi-octave falsettos accompanied by strings and orchestra suggestions make for an enchanting performance in an electrifying night race atmosphoere.  The DIV4S will be performing at the F1 Village Stage at Zone 1 from 25th to 26th September 2010.


Check out here for the happenings of Singapore Grand Prix Season 2010

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