GIVEAWAY: Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert on 28 September 2012


20 September 2012, Singapore – We are giving away premium tickets (worth S$98 each) to Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert at The MAX Pavilion, Singapore EXPO, on 28 September 2012. Come join the global celebration Guinness Arthur’s Day with a marathon of live performances by powerful vocalist Shin (信), Golden Melody Award winner Gary Chaw (曹格), Paul Wong (黄贯中) from the former rock band Beyond and prominent singer Della Ding Dang (丁当).

GUINNESS lovers from 55 countries around the globe will join together to honour the life and legacy of Arthur Guinness, and raise a toast to the founder of the world-famous Irish stout; celebrating all those who, like Arthur, embody the ethos of the GUINNESS brand: MADE OF MORE.

2 lucky readers will get 4 premium tickets to Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert to enjoy with their buddies. Just leave us a comment below this post on why you should win tickets to the concert. Contest closes on 23 September 2012 at 11.59pm. Winners will be notified by email and on our Facebook Page on 24 September.

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  2. BECAUSE I believed this will be an AWESOME concert and i want to watch it with my own eyes, AND TO ROCK Guinness Arthur’s Day WITH ALL THE SINGERS! I ♥ GUINNESS!!!

  3. I support Gary Chaw; his music, his singing. Really hope can have a chance to see him perform live in person!

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  5. Teo Chin Long

    great singers, great venue, great concert, great celebration, great stout!
    Let me be part of this!

  6. It will be great to catch these 4 great talents on stage at Guinness Arthur Day Concert! Let’s have a different taste of Guinness 😉

  7. I would love to visit the concert for the following reasons

    1. FAN of Guinness… I love the black brew
    2. I tried purchasing the tickets but they are a SOLD OUT
    3. I have been a die-hard fan of Ding Dang and have not missed any of her concerns in Singapore as well as KL
    4. I would love to have the opportunity to participate in this activity and also to share with the world this awesome website superadrianme and how they have gotten me sold-out tickets to such a world class event.
    5. I believe i will bless 3 other of my friends and family when i am given these tickets!!!!!

    Please give me those tickets…

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  9. I’d love to win a pair of tickets! Paul Wong has been one of my favorite Hong Kong musicians ever. All his guitar solos with Beyond and the way he stood up and shouldered the whole band on with Ka Keong and Sai Wing after Ka Kui left is just commendable. I adore him to bits! Not to mention his collaborations with LMF! *AWE*

  10. I would like to win the tickets because i love Della DingDang very much.
    『 你们就像我的亲人一样,我会一直唱歌给大家听。 』


    She got her new album this year, and i havent enjoy her new songs in live yet, so i wish i can be there to support her, become her 亲人.

  11. I like all the singers and it’s definitely a great concert because they are known to be powerful singers especially Gary Chaw and Ding Dang !!!

  12. 4 great acts under 1 roof of Max Pavilion! That’s a rare opportunity to see and enjoy the singing powers of all 4 singers! Please send me there

  13. This concert brings together the best in Chinese and Canto music, so definitely its a concert not to be missed !!!
    Having been a fan of Beyond since last millenium, and being mesmerised by the powerful vocals of Shin, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to see the best rockers coming together for a one night performance.
    Really really hope to get the chance to be enthralled by their classic songs and stage presence, do let me have the tickets !!! =)

  14. I would love to go to the concert simply because all the 4 singers are excellent! Talented and with great and powerful voice. 实力派歌手s。of cos, my favourite is Shin! It would be awesome to be able to hear him sing live! Bring the concert to a whole new level of hype with his fast /rock songs and emotions to a while new level if he sings slow/mando pop. Cant imagine what it would be to hear him live.

  15. It’s a rare opportunity to watch 4 of them on stage.
    Kind of missed BEYOND, my favourite, my era.

  16. I want to be one of the 7000 people rocking the Max Pavillion!!!

  17. Wang YongChang

    I would like to win the tickets as I am a great fan of DING DANG Della!
    Her song such as “wo ai tai” always warm my heart when I am feeling down!
    I would also like to experience Shin live singing “si le du yao ai”, not to forget GARY chew’s “bei pan” a all time classic for every man!

    So please choose to experience this concert where i get to enjoy 4 great singer singing!

    Thanks 🙂

  18. I love to attend this concert by 4 of the best and talented singers of this age. My favourite is of course Gary Chaw!

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