GovCampSG – “Connecting People, Data, and Ideas”

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1 November 2011, Singapore – GovCampSG is an event in the spirit of BarCamp ( for governments and other public institutions to share social and technology solutions to turn them into Government 2.0; it is also to promote active citizenry among the people to participate and take an active role in society. The various topics from GovCampSG are generated by the participants and voted by them, which is unique from the usual conference style.

The theme of the upcoming GovCampSG is “Connecting People, Data, and Ideas” with 2 main tracks – Engagement and Open Data. The “Engagement” track covers the ways two parties, Government and Citizens, engages each other and within themselves; either through social media outreach or grassroots community outreach. The “Open Data” track focuses on the initiative by the Government to make public data available in a computer readable format for the public to create innovative ideas and embark on citizen research on these data.

Submit/vote for your topics on the GovCampSG wiki page (

Date: Friday, 18th November 2011

Time: 3pm to 10pm (Breakout sessions start at 6pm)

Venue: The Rock Auditorium, Level 3, Suntec City (near Tower 4)




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