HP ENVY X2 – Slim & Sleek Windows 8 Tablet Hybrid Notebook

HP Envy X2
HP Envy X2


16 October 2012, Singapore – HP ENVY X2 is a tablet hybrid notebook with a detachable screen which functions like a full tablet PC. The HP ENVY X2 takes the shape and form factor of the renown HP Spectre XT Ultrabook, complete with a slim aluminium chassis making it an eye candy in this range of Windows 8 notebook PCs.


The magnetic latch on the keyboard dock helps to seamlessly attached the tablet to the dock. The 11″ notebook is also equipped with Beats Audio for the best sound experience on-the-go. With built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology the HP ENVY X2 lets you share content, including photos, contacts and URLs, with a simple tap.

The HP ENVY x2 is expected to be available in Singapore from late 2012 and pricing to be advised at a later date.


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