Jessie J at the Singapore Press Conference before her concert 20 March 2012

Jessie J Live In Singapore – The Press Conference


20 March 2012, Singapore – Earlier this evening, Jessie J was presented with a plaque for her successful Asian Tour of which Singapore marks her final stop in Asia.

At the press conference, the 24 year old Jessie shared that she will be shaving her head to sell those priceless locks to raise money for charity.


When asked to compare herself to Katy Perry, Jessie admitted that they are both passionate and focused in their music. “If you live your love comparing with other artistes who exist, you start to kind of become someone you don’t want to be”, she quipped.

A firm believer of being happy, she did mention she would not be wasting precious time of her life being upset.  Some of her other quotes I thought relevant included “Never Say Never” from Justin Bieiber’s song and “A smile goes a long way”.

What is the one song Jessie J wished she wrote?  After giving it a quick thought, she confidently replied ‘Beyonce’s Love on Top’.

Candid, funny and charismatic. I can’t wait to sit back and enjoy the concert she intends to rock the Singapore Indoor Stadium. My only grouse? It’s only for one night.

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