Reebok One Cushion Running Shoes: The Right Way To Run

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Reebok One Cushion and Reebok One Guide

Reebok One Cushion and Reebok One Guide

There are a gazillion running shoes with fancy running technology that you may or may not understand. The new Reebok One series running / training shoes are built based on a simple & innovative logic – cushioning the sole with a three-foam system that provides maximum support to the way you run and walk in the most natural way. Building the shoe from BACK to FRONT instead of bottom up, the sole of the shoe is divides into three zones that focuses on the different degree of support from your heel to your toe based on Gait Cycle which gives you natural, smooth and comfortable experience during your run.

  • Zone 1 is the Contact Zone – featuring a soft foam compound that provides shock attenuation with every stride.
  • Zone 2 is the Midstance Zone – engineered to provide a smooth mid foot transition.
  • Zone 3 is the Propulsive Zone – featuring an ultra-responsive high rebound foam compound to help propel the runner forward during toe-off.

    Other than its three distinctive zones, the shoe is also made to give mesh material that gives stability to your heels, flexibility and breathability for an efficient run. The Reebok One series comes in Reebok One Cushion and Reebok One Guide made for runners with. neutral gait and moderate to over pronation respectively.   Here are some comments by local bloggers who had tried out the new Reebok One Cushion:


“The three-foam cushioning system helps to identify your stride when you run. The Reebok One series running shoes will help you to run better.”

minicoopers51 from

sliding_banner01“The Reebok One helps to maintain the correct running posture, while giving me more efficiency in my run. The shoe colours are bright and striking which are ideal for my night jogs.”

– Cheryl from


“Love the signature three colours design. It’s lightweight and flexible. Definitely a pair of running shoes that I will wear to the gym.”

– Feliza from

Even though the Reebok One comes with that thick cushioning, it is exceptionally comfortable and lightweight. For only S$169, the new Reebok One series is an affordable investment that gives you the right support and reason for a good run. The Reebok One Series Collection is now available at Stadium and selected Royal Sporting House stores.


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