Potted Potter in Singapore

REVIEW: Potted Potter – The Unauthorized Harry Experience

Potted Potter in Singapore


4 September 2012, Singapore – Simply a witty & spontaneous standup comedy, the parody script revolves around the seven novels of Harry Potter.   A two man cast, Jesse Briton & Gary Trainor, lets you relive the “Magical” journey of Harry Potter while filling it with laughter.  The show is gloriously hilarious!

Started out as a five minute street show in 2005 to a 70 minute long production we see today, Potted Potter has amused Harry Potter fans around the world and now makes it’s premiere in Singapore.  It is a show that both children and adults can enjoy, making it a great excursion for the family. What if you are not a Harry Potter fan or you do not know the story?  Not to worry!  You will still get the jokes. Relax and let Jesse & Gary take you through a hilarious ride on the Hogwarts Express.


The Cast


Potted Potter Singapore - Jesse Britton (L) & Gary Trainor (R)
Potted Potter Singapore – Jesse Britton (L) & Gary Trainor (R)

Jesse Briton

Jesse Briton is an actor, writer, and a director. He has been trained under East 15 Acting School in UK in which he earned a nomination as Best Actor in Spotlight Prize 2012 even just during his training. His experiences in acting include his participation in the stage adaptation of Mr Benn and the one-man show, Bassonists Against the Cuts. As a writer, he had great success for Bound, a sea-bleached tragedy of maritime decline told with traditional sea shanties, which gathered numerous awards in Edinburgh Fringe and earned him a nomination as the Evening Standard Most Promising Playwright. As a director, he handled Bound and Enduring Song for Bear Trap Theater Company in which he is the company’s artistic director.

Gary Trainor

Joining Jesse is Gary Trainor, an Irish actor whom had trainings at The Italia Conti Academy where he gained a first class BA (Hons) Degree in acting. Part of his acting experience is in the critically acclaimed UK tour of Frankenstein as the lead actor, Shelly. He was also seen in Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story, The Shawshank Redemption, Stones in His Pockets, Into The Woods, and Jago. To top it off, he was recently chosen to take part in The Old Vic New Voices, which is a 24-hour play project.

Video Preview


From now till 16 September 2012, Potted Potter will be showing at DBS Arts Centre – The Singapore Repertory Theatre with standard ticket priced at S$70 and S$85.


Ticket Giveaway

We are giving a pair of Category A tickets for the Potted Potter show on 13 September at 7.30pm to one lucky winner.
Share with us in the comments section below who your favourite Harry Potter character is and you may just be on your way to the Potted Potter show. Last day of the contest is 11 September 2012, 7am.  Winner will be notified by email.


Potted Potter Singapore - Gary Trainor (L) & Jesse Britton (R)
Gary Trainor (L) & Jesse Britton (R)


  1. Siti Farhana Mohamed Shariff

    “You have your mother’s eyes”

    That moment when he uttered those words with such affectionate tone, I was in awe. I was in awe because Snape is truly the epitome of “never judge a book by its cover…” How many of us hated him when we first read about his character? Someone who exudes mysterious vibes, someone who is known for his coldness and sarcasm. But I fell in love with Snape because I caught myself wanting to know about him for I’m a firm believer that no one would ever turn out like that without no rhyme or reason. And slowly as I read on, I fell even deeper in love with Snape.

    Behind that mask is someone who has a heart of gold and wants no less than the best for Harry Potter. His love for Lily is definitely the twisted version of Romeo and Juliet.

    Amazing, beyond amazing.

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  3. My favourite character is… of course the antagonist.

    Voldy, VOLDEMORT! (Yea, although he doesn’t have a nose)

    Admit it, without the ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’, there will be no ‘The-Boy-Who-Lived’.

  4. My favorite character would have to be Sirius Black. His character started out as a deranged murderer, who escaped from Azkaban and is now on the hunt for Harry Potter, or so we thought. J.K. Rowling style of writing always have been the opposite, so in the, come what may, Sirius Black was his godfather, wrongfully accused of killing his best friend and wife. It is saddening that in the end, he was not cleared of these charges and died while fighting against Death Eaters

    I love Sirius particularly for his emotions are raw and for his love towards Harry Potter. Harry Potter was deprived from his parents’ love and needed a fatherly figure, and Sirius Black filled up the void in him. Sirius Black himself came from an unhappy childhood and it was his friend, James Potter, who introduced him the concept of love and family. I think, as a last present to James and Lily Potter, he was determined to do the same for Harry. Though at times, he views Harry as his friend and brother, instead of a son figure, it was still reassuring that Harry is loved by him.

    His death hit me particularly hard as during Order of Phoenix, he was already cooped up in his childhood house, faced with his house-elf and relieving so many bad memories. And then, he had to be killed by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. He died doing what he loved though, fighting for his loved ones but still his death was devastating. I understand that J.K Rowling had to kill him off for she wanted Harry to feel alone and made the rest of his decisions throughout the final two books.

    From his school boy years till now, Sirius Black has fallen but yet, his spirit lives on and that is why he is my favorite character in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

  5. My favourite character is Snape!
    Gotta loooooove his sarcasm at times while pulling that ultra serious face.

    Although he is always seen and misunderstood as the bad guy(especially after he killed dumbledore), he rather be universally hated by majority and be mistaken for an evil person than let out the truth behind his doings to end voldemort’s anti muggle plans and protect Harry.
    He knows how to atone for his wrongdoings during his youth under the dark lord and will never claim the role of hero. Against all instinct, he wills himself to do what must be done.

    Another trait that i adore Snape is his devotion towards Lily since young and how he always look out for Harry(well… in a ‘way’) even though he is not obliged to. His love for Lily was still so deep after so many years that even on his last breath, he wanted Harry to look at him so that he could depart while looking at a pair of Lily’s eyes. His selfless nature deeply touched me on the last book.

    This kind of awesome guy where to find?!! :O


    • Congratulations Doreen! You have won yourself a pair of tickets to watch Potted Potter! We will contact you via email to get your details.

      • Hi Adrain,

        Please get back to me at 93634969 as i think you’ve missed out on my earlier replies in the email regarding my information as i received a 2nd prompt to provide my details earlier this morning.

        I will need to know how i can go about collecting it before the show

        Thanks much! 🙂

  6. Joeanne Shim

    My favourite character is Ron Weasley who displays his friendship and faithfulness . He adds humour to the series.

  7. Teo Yee Long

    I like Hagrid. Although big size, but also with a big and warm heart and a true friend to Harry Potter

  8. Harry Potter of course! The specs, the scar and the wand! Watching him grow up through the years.

  9. My favourite Harry Potter Character? It has got to be Neville Longbottom! He is the only character who has surprised me the most!

    Despite being a little weak and timid during his first years in Hogwarts, due to the fact that he’s using someone else’s wand and his peers constantly bullied him, he showed tremendous courage during the Battle of Hogwarts.

    Especially when he dueled with Scabior and a large group of Snatchers single-handedly!

    Neville was the one who destroyed Voldermort’s last Horcrux – which was Nagini with a single stroke using the Sword of Gryffindor.

    He showed a great amount of bravery like no other. Brilliant man, he is!

  10. My favourite Harry Potter character is Dumbledore. In the beginning of the series, it seems that Dumbledore is a smarter and better than average person. He is portrayed as a man full of wisdom and has a strong sense of fairness. However, as the series progresses, it becomes clear that he is flawed. He is as weak as anyone else, and these weaknesses make him more human.

    A lot of people would be disappointed in his character since the Order of the PhOenix. However, that is not the case for me. I like especially the part where he tells Snape to kill him instead of asking Draco because Dumbledore is trying to protect Draco from becoming a murderer at such a young age. This shows that admist his weaknesses and selfishness, there is still some element of love and kindess he has for his students.

    His dramatic appearances and exits in the story never fail to surprise me and for that he gonna be my kick-ass favourite character in Harry Potter series.

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