REVIEW: USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 (HHN4)

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USS HHN4 Review

USS HHN4 Review


This year Halloween came early with Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 4 (USS HHN4) starting on the first weekend of October and will last a month long with 13 nights of fright fest on Sentosa Island. And yet again has gathered a team of Fear Explorers to review this annual Halloween event, providing you with reviews based on different fear benchmarks by four individuals – The Brave, The Timid, The Cam Whore and The Babe.

USS HHN4 Review

Mandatory group shot of Fear Explorer Team


The Brave

USS HHN4 Review

Jack’s 3 Dementia

USS HHN4 was nothing short of exhilarating experiences, immerse scare zones and definitely quality scare actors. Seeming to have turned down a notch with their makeup for this year, the scare actors had their standards up one to make up for it. Coupled with tedious effort at creating the ambience with props and light effects, one can expect an all rounded bone chilling experience right here in Singapore.


The Timid

USS HHN4 Review

The L.A.B.

Being a virgin to USS HHN, HHN4 is a mixed bag of jaw dropping visuals that rival anything I’ve ever seen. Dedicated scare actors and well placed scare “traps” made this yearly event exceptionally entertaining. And I must say they have plenty of scare actors at HHN4. They just kept on spawning from every corner at where you least expect them to be. Even though its scary, but its definitely an enjoyable experience with hang out with the gang for some scary good laughs. My personal favourite have to be the sci-fi themed haunted house – The L.A.B.


The Cam Whore

USS HHN4 Review


As always the sets and props are simply amazing here at USS, but this year the makeup seems to less gory and less dramatic. But the whimsical Jack’s 3 Dementia and the torn down New York City at Democracy are the best spots to snap a picture or two. Especially that beheaded Statute of Liberty on the New York Street will be the hot spot for selfie and even wefie this year.


The Babe

USS HHN4 Review

Jing’s Revenge

For the uninitiated (like me), it was akin to walking into a real-life horror movie at the haunted houses, in particularly Jing’s Revenge and The L.A.B. Strategically placed scare actors up the spook factor while mood lighting and sound effects set the tone for the scenes. It’s a rather entertaining virginal experience filled with exhilarating yet funny moments. I will return, again. But this time in slippers and not heels.


The Verdict

USS HHN4 Review

Jack’s Nightmare Circus at Pantages Hollywood

This year, everyone must head to Pantages Hollywood to catch the aerial acrobats, contortionists and their other freaky friends performing live at Jack’s Nightmare Circus. Some of the acrobats and stunts are Cirque Du Soleil quality acts, that will make you hold your breathe. I guess that is how USS is trying to show that they want to be the leader in Singapore’s Halloween fright fest.

Whether your are timid or brave, as long as you have good company, you will enjoy every moment of it. But in order not to disappoint your trip by waiting in the SUPER LONG QUEUES, the extra S$40 for the EXPRESS PASS is worth it and you will feel like a king when you can cut the queue by using the express lanes. We did not include in depth descriptions of our experience on each individual zones and haunted house as we do not want to spoil the surprise element and you should try it out yourselves and not hear it from us.

Here are the full set of pictures from USS HHN4:



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