Shaun The Sheep Circus Show (Prudence Upton photo)

Shear Woolly Fun at Shaun The Sheep’s Circus Show

It’s The Lion King in sheep’s clothing! Baaad joke, couldn’t resist.

Your family would be hard put to resist Shaun The Sheep’s Circus Show, now leaping, tumbling, and frolicking in Sands Theatre Marina Bay Sands (until 21 May).

A feat of clay(mation) from Award-winning Aardman (creators of Wallace & Gromit & Shaun & pals) brought to wonderful witty life by Brisbane’s Circa performers.

Shaun and his farmyard friends live in Mossy Bottom Farm, a green astroturf back set is the springboard for their antics. A giant screen rolled on & off stage storyboards the sheep, the dog, the postman, the pigs, the raging bull, the farmer.

No tale – baaad joke – is too long so attention span is kept on a short lease. Long enough to get that the farmer’s television set is barely connected, the animals thump & whack & trapeze for him in a show of gymnastics and acrobatics.

Balancing acts are difficult enough, but you try to keep your balance while guaranteeing audience laughter from seemingly calculated oops & ouch & oh-oh & wow & oh-my-God moments. Breath-taking.

A troupe of ten of the finest, especially in the second half of circus acts, will have you gasping.

Have you seen balancing acts…on a seesaw? By farm animals? Well, they are obviously more sure-footed than you & I.

The sights & sounds – it is not a musical, neither do the animals speak, c’mon! – and the quick-fire acts deliver laughs & awe you were perhaps not expecting. You know pigs can fly, well here so can sheep. Such woolly fun.

Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show is presented by Base Entertainment Asia, produced by Shaun Comerford and Yaron Lifschitz with QPAC, Screen Queensland, Merrigong Theatre Company and Circa Contemporary Circus by special arrangement with Aardman Animations. Catch Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show on Tue-Fri at 7pm. Sat 3pm & 7.30pm. Sun 1pm & 5pm. Tickets from S$45.

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