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5 Reasons To Get “ENERGETIC” At Shell’s Make the Future 2018

Shell’s Make the Future Singapore is back!!! (Photo credit: Shell)
Shell’s Make the Future Singapore is back!!! (Photo credit: Shell)

Did you know that buses can run on coffee? Or that a water bottle can light up a home? You’ll find out all these and more at Shell’s Make the Future Singapore, a festival of bright energy ideas and innovation for Asia. For four days from 8-11 March 2018, virtual reality and hands-on experiences around what is powering our world promise to engage and tell the story of the future of energy. Here are six reasons why you should grab your FREE TICKETS now and visit.



1. Dance For Energy

If you like to groove to the music, you have to try out the Kinetic Dancefloor. Show off your best moves and see how much energy you can generate with your dance routines. At least you know… your SWEAT will not go to WASTE.


2. Salt Water Cars

Challenge your friends to race to the finishing line (Photo credit: Shell)
Challenge your friends to race to the finishing line (Photo credit: Shell)

Petrol cars, electric cars and hybrid cars. We’ve seen those everywhere. Why not build your own miniature salt water cars and race with your friends to see who has the fastest salt water powered car. You will be able to bring these miniature cars home as souvenirs too.


3. Coffee POWER

Many of us need that cup of coffee to “POWER” up every morning right?  Do you know that in London, some buses are now powered by bio-fuel created with used ground coffee. See how Bio-bean, the company behind this revolutionary technology, does this at Shell’s Make the Future Singapore.



4. Let’s Groove To The Music

Catch performances by Charlie Lim, Gentle Bones and MICappella on 10 and 11 March. Check them out at the various performance timings.

10-Mar-18 11-Mar-18
Charlie Lim 2.00 to 2.30pm
Gentle Bones 4.00 to 4.30pm
MICapella 2.00 to 3.30pm


5. Witness The Future

Catch live action on the track where over 120 innovative cars of the future will compete at Shell Eco-marathon Asia. Students from 18 countries have used the past 12 months to design and build their own cars. Now you can see their cars in action! Come cheer for Singapore and your school if you are alumni of ITE, NTU, NUS, Ngee Ann Poly, Republic Poly, SUTD or Temasek Poly!


This post is created in partnership with Shell.


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