Singapore Service Excellence Medallion SSEM 2015

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The Singapore Service Excellence Medallion (SSEM) is back to recognise outstanding organisations that have pushed the boundaries to inspire a transformation in the local service industry and raise the bar in service excellence.

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From this year’s pool of SSEM finalists got a chance to visit three of the establishments to get some insights into their philosophy for achieving service excellence in their sector.


National Library Board – Going Out Of The Way To Serve Everyone

Singapore Service Excellence Medallion SSEM 2015
My Tree House National Library Board

Targeting people of all ages, National Library Board (NLB) promotes reading, learning and information literacy through their network of 26 public libraries in Singapore. As they expand their services over the years, they even go out of the way for their homebound disabled members by delivering books personally to their doorsteps and also providing a library of audio books for those visually impaired via Project Deliver Me.

As technology advances, NLB keeps up with the trend by providing eBooks for loan thus making it possible to borrow a book 24/7. With the help of NLB’s app on my smartphone, all I need to do is to scan the bar code via the app to loan the book.Now I can beat that queue at the checkout counter.

NLB clearly understands the power of customising products and services to their customer’s needs. They uses data analysis to forecast customer demand for existing and new book titles to ensure that collection is kept current and is tailored to what their readers want. Readers are also able to specify which library to pick up the books from thus enhancing their overall experience.

Key Takeaway: I am truly inspired by NLB’s efforts in constantly upgrading their services and keeping up with the needs of their members, so that everyone in Singapore can have the privilege of knowledge and opportunities to self-improve via all these free services provided by NLB.

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Zouk Keeping Talent is Crucial to Good Service

Singapore Service Excellence Medallion SSEM 2015
Zouk at party

24 YEARS! This is how long Zouk has been around. Being the oldest and hippest joint in Singapore, Zouk is the entry to nightlife for most Singaporeans like me during our adolescence. So what is the secret to make us clubbers return to Zouk?

I believe it all begins with the loyalty of the employees. I can easily find a Zouk staff who has worked here for over 10 years, some have even been here for up to 22 years. If the staff are happy working at Zouk, it means more experienced and happy service staff to engage with the clubbers. The staff eventually become friends with the guests thus allowing us to feel at home at Zouk.

Zouk believes in co-creating the experience with their guests. Customer feedback is taken into consideration in the curation of content, music programming and events thus ensuring that the clubbers always enjoy their experiences at Zouk.

Key Takeaway: I love how Zouk ensures that service starts from the moment we stand in line to get into the club ‘till we leave the club. The front desk personnel greets every clubber leaving Zouk. Valet parking is always free at Zouk and even when I am too tipsy to drive home, there is the option to leave my car overnight at no cost… I guess it is such hospitality that loyal Zouk clubbers do not find at any other clubs in Singapore.

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Dynasty Travel Technology Advancement For Better Service

Singapore Service Excellence Medallion SSEM 2015
Dynasty Travel agent at the front desk

Dynasty Travel is one of Singapore’s leading travel agencies with over 33 years of travel excellence. By offering a wide selection of tour packages from group tours to luxury signature travel packages, Dynasty Travel offers a one stop shop for all our travel needs.

With the influx of customers during busy days at the Dynasty Travel Hub at New Bridge Road, all agents are equipped with an iPad mini loaded with a proprietary Dynasty Travel app for faster turnaround time for our travel or booking enquiries. This helps to reduce waiting time for us. With all the relevant travel information on the app, the agents can provide clearer explanation and better visuals to us. Travel consultants can meet us at a place and time of our choice thus allowing us to co-create our experience at greater convenience.

The travel agency has also partnered with AXS so that I can make payments at over 900 AXS machines islandwide, saving travel time to the sales office.

Key Takeaway: I am impressed by Dynasty Travel’s philosophy in applying technology to their workflow. This has helped to reduce paperwork and create a less hectic working environment for happier agents to better serve customers.

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