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In light of continuing education on Singlish, it may up your onz-ness to know that the word “suahku” is no longer valid usage; suahkus practically do not exist, now.



I lament its loss across our landscape – except when my curious eye picks out the newly-arrived to our shores, their dress sense yet to come to par. Give them no time at all. This conclusion is not recently reached. But over the days, weeks, months, of being frow (front row lah you!) at events & launches & cocktails & tastings & premieres & shows. Anyone – and everyone does indeed – now has a crack at improving self-worth. In shape, size, colour, looks, clothes, accessories, general well-being. And why not? And, it need not necessarily cost the toned arm and a leg.

HYSSES Ocean Diffuser

HYSSES Ocean Diffuser (Hysses photo)

Recently, I was at the gentle morph of Mt. Sapola to Hysses. Cheryl Gan, founder of the homegrown aromatherapy, at her re-branding set in lush Pollen in Gardens by the Bay: “After 10 years of Mt. Sapola, Singapore consumers have a strong sense of who they are. They demand variety and new products. We are re-launching as Hysses for a separate distinction.” Exotic origins, made in Singapore, keener focus on nature.

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Grace Daily

Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Grace Daily

Don’t depend on someone else, to bring a sparkle to your peepers. You could wait the longest time. Instead, reach for Grace Daily, and you’ll shine 24/7. Bausch + Lomb new disposable cosmetic contact lens – Lacelle – not only adds twinkle to your life, it does so in a trio of colours. Crystal Brown, Twinkle Brown, Sparkling Black. (Now you know the secret behind Korean actresses. The survey study on contact lens was done in Korea. 87% said they looked more beautiful. I have to get rid of my aunty glasses!)

UNIQLO x Ines de La Fressange Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

UNIQLO x Ines de La Fressange Fall/Winter 2017 Collection (UNIQLO photo)

This autumn – okay, okay, abroad! – complete strangers stopped me in medieval villages in Europe to compliment me on my jeans. I had only one word for them. UNIQLO. I don’t know why the entire population does not wear Uniqlo. Quality. Style. Price. All three boxes ticked with glee. EZY jeans are $49.90 and last forever. You may want to look into that, Uniqlo…

Furla Pre Fall Colelction (Furla Photo)

Furla Pre Fall Collection (Furla Photo)

I first discovered Furla in Italy, naturally. Then, I could also afford to buy two of their beautiful bags.¬†Economy of line, fine leather, rich hues, perfect shapes. Today I may be able to buy one. They last the test of time, if you’re looking to invest in, and enhance your elegance quotient.

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Autumn Winter 2017

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Autumn Winter 2017 (Thomas Sabo photo)

To round off my sojourn into Singapore Sophisticate, I got hooked on a coupla Thomas¬† Sabo bracelets, and they so complete my look, everyone – almost! – is also occupying it ……..I wish – almost – I was suahku again.

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