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Triumph Forever Young

Triumph Forever Young


Whatever your thoughts on how you’ll forever be young – at least in the head and heart. Uh oh. It’s your bust that lets you down, not speaking figuratively here. Breasts age much faster than the rest of the body according to a study find from UCLA.

(What a cream job, eh, professor.)

And as the droop begins, women tend to look older (so at age 32, as your size 34 starts to hang, you could look closer to 40). Uplifting news from Triumph’s latest Forever Young collection. Tailored to give you Natural, Shape, Super support according to you “bust age”. Go, put yourself forward to the “bust meter” test at Triumph.


Forever Young Form and Beauty

We saw the collection at their show, and it’s pretty nifty, and perky.


Sylvia Toh visited the Epicurean Market at Marina Bay Sands

Sylvia Toh visited the Epicurean Market at Marina Bay Sands, (Sylvia’s own photo)

Three long days of eatingdrinking drinkingeating at the Epicurean Market at Marina Bay Sands, a food and wine fair of gourmet delights.

You know how smart people (according to them) always say, “pace yourself”? Fiddle-de-dee lah! Once you’ve lost precious time queueing to get in, is not the time to lose pacing yourself.

Epicurean Market (Photo credit: Marina Bay Sands)

Epicurean Market (Photo credit: Marina Bay Sands)

Beeline where the lines are because that’s where the free samplings’ happening. Take three portions, don’t be shy, or be hungry! Then stop complete strangers when you spot several of them holding identical items. They’ll point you to where the Fiji water and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf teas and slender cans of Coca-Cola and frothing cups of Nespresso are being given out free.

Finally, have some shame and buy a coupla food and drink – all good and well-priced. Like this bottle of Naked water. For a buck.

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Sylvia Toh (Own Photo)


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