H&M for Brick Lane Bikes Collection

H&M For Brick Lane Bikes – Men’s Fashion For The Urban Cyclist

H&M for Brick Lane Bikes Collection
HM for Brick Lane Bikes Collection


14 February 2013, Singapore – H&M collaborates with Brick Lane Bikes to present a men’s collection filled with spirit of modern urban cycling. The H&M for Brick Lane Bikes collection is designed for style and comfort which can be worn all day long while dashing under the city lights. From water repellent rider jackets and articulated blazers to vintage-inspired bike jerseys and caps, the H&M  for Brick Lane Bikes collection are made entirely from more sustainable materials. Price ranging from EUR9.95 to EUR79.95,  the H&M  for Brick Lane Bikes collection will be available in around 180 stores and on-line from 7 March, 2013.

“H&M for Brick Lane Bikes brings together the fashion, function and heritage of cycling. Each piece has been designed so it can be worn on or off the bike, inspired by the vibrant colours and specialist knowledge which make Brick Lane Bikes so unique. It’s great that they’ve tested every single piece around the streets of London, so we know the collection really works,” says Petter Klusell, designer at H&M.

“This collection captures the energy and excitement of Brick Lane Bikes, along with our respect for the traditions of cycling. I love how the technical details become part of the look of each piece, while the colours bring cycling’s heritage to life. I can’t wait to see guys wearing these clothes as they ride the streets of the world,” says Feya Buchwald, founder of Brick Lane Bikes



H&M for Brick Lane Bikes Collection

H&M for Brick Lane Bikes Collection


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