PUMA AMUPTRIBE Autumn/Winter 2010

AMUPTRIBE 2010 outside ION Orchard June 12 and 13 2010

Last night, I decided to give the South Korea vs Greece World Cup match a miss to support my friends Sheryl and Gabriel from PUMA by dropping by ION Orchard to check out the buzz about PUMA’s AMUP Tribe and their Fashion Show to showcase the Love=Football Collection as well as a sneak preview of the Autumn / Winter 2010 collection.

Since I missed the press conference where PUMA introduced the 10 “All-Star-Team” ambassadors , I wanted to check out these soccer professionals from the Singapore teams personally as well.   It didn’t help that I am not a soccer fan, and I couldn’t really differentiate the models from the ambassadors.  I guess a smart deduction that I could base on was the way they walk down the runway during the show.  The ambassadors should keep their professional footballing jobs, though they tried their best and were nevertheless entertaining.

PUMA AMUPTRIBE 2010 Showcase outside ION Orchard
Entertaining the Crowd...
The PUMA AMUPTRIBE Drummers entertaining the crowd outside ION Orchard
PUMA AMUPTRIBE 2010 Fringe Activities
PUMA AMUPTRIBE Freestyle Footballer demonstrating his skills with the ball. Kinda reminds me of the sea lion in Sea World.
General Manager, PUMA, Sheryl and Marketing Manager, PUMA Gabriel and friend
Showcasing the Love=Football range


The 10 Ambassadors for PUMA

More photos below. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version.

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