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Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Let’s Get Lost In Singapore with Timberland

Some weekends I prefer to be alone, wandering around Singapore. The need to be away from the crowd and do some thinking. When I am by myself, I still want to look my best yet stay casual. Never know who I will bump into.

Here are some of my favourite ‘get lost’ spots in Singapore. I chose them for the Timberland Spring Summer Collection 2015 shoot.


Hideout At Loysel’s Toy

Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Looking dapper at Loysel’s Toy

Loysel’s Toy is my favourite chill out day spot. It is in a secluded location to many. The spacious seating arrangements provides enough personal space even when it is full house on at Kallang River. Not very convenient and they are closed after sunset making this a hidden gem not famili Loysel’s Toy is just five minutes stroll away from where I stay. I am usually here armed with my iPad for a cosy and quiet reading time over a cup of aromatic Affogato.

Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

The classic Timberland boating style outfit in navy blue keeps me smart & causal


Get Active With Pets

Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

My Frisbee workout with Shady

I love animals, but I am not one who is committed enough to keep one with the frequent travels and spontaneous schedule my work requires of me. So I will usually offer my ‘free’ service to my friends with pets. Well I call it ‘Pets with Benefits’. I will walk their dogs, play catch with them and even house-sit for them during their long vacations. I enjoy those quiet moments with their dogs and cats. I get to bond with my feline & canine friends and not think about work, while the owners get to take a breather for the day. Win-win for both parties.

Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Stay sporty & COOL with Timberland CoolMax jacket, Hard as Nails Tee and Floral Shorts


Sunset At Kombi Rocks

Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Pink shorts are a extreme contrast to the interior of Kombi Rocks

The best time to visit Koon Kee also known as Kombi Rocks at Yio Chu Kang Road is between 4 to 7pm. This is when the sun is setting. The sun’s rays shine onto the rustic & retro décor in the diner. Transport back to the good early 80s where coffee shop “zhi char” is considered premium dining for many Singaporean families. Sometimes these sweet old memories will trigger my thoughts to think and be simple.  Then it was a time where we were not overwhelmed with technologies. No smartphones, no ipads, no emails on the go. You get the drift. And we used to make our toys out of clay to challenge our creativity. We didn’t have computer games.

Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

A nice check shirt makes you ready for most occasions


The Art Of Mix ‘n’ Match

Big loud prints and big does is not always stylish. Time to go for the simple, colourful and basic apparels from Timberland’s Spring Summer Collection 2015. Stay casual and in fashion without trying so hard.

No need for  a lot of pieces to create an array of outfits for different occasions. By choosing simple and evergreen styles that have a little trendy twist to mix ‘n’ match, you will be able to go a long way with them.

Here are some items from Timberland’s Spring Summer Collection 2015 that I have picked:



Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Harborside 3 Eye Oxford (S$229) & Hookset Slip-on (S$159)

Denim never gets out of fashion and is easy to match. Harborside 3 Eye Oxford is great from any casual or smart casual occasion. It is ultra-light and comfortable, great when you need to be out for a long day. Hookset Slip-on is a love-at-first-sight for me. It has this super casual and cool look that calls out to me.



Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Coolmax® Mount Walsh Jacket (S$259) & Sugarloaf Mountain Blazer (S$259)

If you are into layering, Timberland’s Coolmax® Mount Walsh Jacket works well and lets you stay swanky as a sporty wind breaker during cooler days. Sugarloaf Mountain Blazer will be ideal for those times when you to be smart casual.



Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Coolmax® Lane River Check Shirt (S$129) & Coolmax® Hard as Nails Tee (S$59)

Coolmax® Lane River Check Shirt and Coolmax® Hard as Nails Tee will quickly wick perspiration away on a hot sunny day and the small checks on the shirt is simple & classic but full of style with that colour combi & design. Many of my friends told me I look good in this shirt. So I guess I’ll be seen in shirts like this more often.



Timberland SS15 Summer Collection Singapore

Canobie Lake Floral Shorts (S$129) & Conway Lake Rugged Shorts (S$119)

I love the cut on both Canobie Lake Floral Shorts & Conway Lake Rugged Shorts, which gives a good fit to show off my “curves” while not getting too tight. I can wear it throughout the day without my boxer short rolling up on my thighs. Ouch.

The little pocket on the left thigh of Conway Lake Rugged Shorts gives a nice touch to it, making it a little less dapper and adds a little rugged feel to it.


Are You Ready to “Get Lost”?

Do you feel like having some “alone” time now? If you need a few more suggestions to where you can hang out, Timberland has a list for you to explore and stay trendy. Check out the list below.

Timberland Let's Get Lost Scroll

Timberland Let’s Get Lost Scroll

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