Singlife and IHH Healthcare Singapore partner to provide Singlife Shield customers access to a network of accredited medical specialists

Homegrown financial services company, Singlife has partnered IHH Healthcare Singapore, the largest integrated healthcare provider in Southeast Asia, to address the need for effective healthcare cost management while enhancing the overall customer experience. Singlife policyholders enjoy affordable, personalised and trusted healthcare solutions in Singapore. IHH Healthcare Singapore’s network includes Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals and Parkway East Hospital. The group operates over 1,000 beds across four multiple award-winning hospitals, and primary care clinics.

Gleneagles Hospital - IHH Healthcare Singapore

The partnership introduces an innovative collaboration between an insurer and a medical provider, focusing on driving greater affordability and medical cost control.

From 9 September 2023, Singlife Shield and Singlife Health Plus policyholders will enjoy expanded benefits. They can directly utilise IHH Healthcare Singapore’s wide-ranging hospital and specialist clinic network without requiring advance approval from their insurance provider for hospital care. This network includes over 500 approved medical specialists in different fields, overseen by iXchange, which is IHHSG’s Third-Party Administrator. This comprehensive network offers advanced medical care and additional support services. This innovative strategy streamlines the admission process for medical treatment, ensuring it’s effortless, convenient, and without the need for immediate payment, allowing policyholders to concentrate on recovery with a sense of reassurance.

Homegrown financial services company Singlife has signed a memorandum of understanding with private cancer care provider Icon Cancer Centre Singapore to enhance access to affordable cancer treatment and patient care in Singapore.

Singlife will include Parkway Cancer Centre as its latest preferred medical provider for Singlife Cancer Cover Plus, following the inclusion of Icon Cancer Centre in December 2022. Policyholders receive greater assurance and experience a seamless recovery journey if they require cancer treatment. In line with the Ministry of Health’s recent changes to cancer drug treatment and cancer drug services, Singlife has also updated its health protection policies to drive greater affordability for its customers.

Singlife currently provides a suite of cancer protection products including critical illness coverage plans — Singlife Comprehensive Critical Illness, Singlife Multipay Critical Illness, and Singlife Essential Critical Illness. By making cancer care affordable and accessible to Singaporeans from all walks of life, Singlife is committed to the fight against cancer and its extensive impact on families and livelihoods.

Singlife offers Singlife Shield Starter, a budget-friendly Intergrated Shield Plan and S$1 Singlife Health Plus Starter rider that offers basic coverage and reduce out-of-pocket expenses for young adult’s medical needs. Once the young policyholders reach 40 years old, they will be guaranteed a seamless transition to Singlife Shield Plan 2, offering coverage up to S$1 million along with Singlife Health Plus Public Prime, without any further underwriting or additional medical check-ups.Sign up for Singlife Shield Starter and Health Plus Starter before 31 October, and enjoy a GST waiver and net premiums of only S$1 and S$300 on their first-year premiums, respectively.

“At Singlife, we are committed to ensuring quality healthcare remains accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. This partnership is an important step towards creating a sustainable healthcare ecosystem that focuses on the needs of the patients, and we are thrilled that IHH Healthcare Singapore has chosen Singlife as its strategic insurer partner for Shield policyholders. This move not only aligns with our vision of affordable excellence but also empowers us to provide our policyholders with a comprehensive range of outstanding medical services crucial for their treatment.” 

Richard Vargo, Group Head of Products, Propositions and Transformation, Singlife 

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