Top 5 Japanese Snacks You Have To Try From 7-Eleven J-Treats Festival In Singapore

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7-Eleven J-Treats Festival review snacks japanese top 5

7-Eleven Singapore and JETRO presents J-Treats Festival

For a limited time only, 7-Eleven Singapore and Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) have specially curated a list of 29 treats, instant soups and beverages from across Japan. They are now readily available at 340 7-Eleven stores across Singapore till 13 June 2017. From northern Japan such as Hokkaido to southern Japan’s Tanegashima, these treats are reasonably priced from S$2 to S$7 so that you can savour the taste of Japan without leaving Singapore.

We’ve tried all 29 of them and we have compiled our Top 5 favourites, so you can target the best of the best before they are all sold out.


#5 – Basil Seed Bars (S$2)

7-Eleven J-Treats review Basil Seed Bar with Collagen and Basil Seed Bar with Probiotics

Basil Seed Bar with Collagen and Basil Seed Bar with Probiotics

The Basil Seed bars are the least Japanese-looking from the bunch of snacks, but we still love it. Unlike most energy bar which you can taste the artificial sweetener, these bars have a smoky aroma of roasted nuts. So appetising and yet you get to choose two healthy boosts of Collagen or Probiotics. How simple is that to stay youthful and have a strong stomach.


#4 – Instant Miso Soups (S$2.50)

7-Eleven J-Treats review Vegetable Cup Instant Miso Soup and Tofu Cup Instant Miso Soup

Vegetable Cup Instant Miso Soup and Tofu Cup Instant Miso Soup

If you love to snack or indulge in supper at night yet wanna go on diet, you might wanna keep a few of these in your cabinet. These instant miso soups are at most 58 kcal each cup, it will not fill you stomach but it will get you through the starving before you sleep. Packed with loads of veggies and a fine miso paste, these soups offer you that ideal supper fix that is easily prepared in 30 seconds. Just pour hot water and stir. It’s that simple and GOOD.


#3 – Waza No Ippin Soft Squid (S$5.50)

7-Eleven J-Treats review Waza No Ippin Soft Squid

Waza No Ippin Soft Squid

This Asian “Chewing Gum” has always been a favourite among Singaporeans, but some will avoid at all costs because of the fishy after taste and squid breathe that lingers. This packet of chewy squid maybe a bit pricey, but it tastes so good and you will not get a fishy breath after eating.

The only thing that lingers is the buttery after taste of the fine soft squid found in each packet. YUMZ! It has no artificial food additives and flavours, just soaked in sugar, vinegar and sake then dried.


#2 – Anno Sweet Potato Chips (S$4.90)

7-Eleven J-Treats review Anno Sweet Potato Chips

Anno Sweet Potato Chips

Made with best anno-imo (honey sweet potato) from Tanegashima, it is all the natural goodness without the need of any sugar for sweetening. The anno-imo is known for its high sugar content which is at least twice the amount found in other Japanese sweet potatoes. The Anno sweet potato chips have just the right sweetness and crispiness that will be suitable for everyone.

Do note that during J-Treats Festival, there’s another sweet potato snack, Naruto Kintoki Chips, which is cheaper at S$2.80. The Naruto Kintoki Chips are harder to bite as it’s coated with a layer of sugar, which makes it less tasty than the anno-imo ones. So choose wisely.


7-Eleven J-Treats review Anno Sweet Potato Chips

Get the right packet – Kintoki on the left, Anno on the right


#1 – Kokuto Milk Mini Pack (S$3.80)

7-Eleven J-Treats review Kokuto Milk Mini Pack

Kokuto Milk Mini Pack

The Kokuto Milk Mini Pack is the clear winner for us. This rice cracker is both savoury and sweet, yet so AROMATIC!!! On first bite you may just go “MEH. So-so la”, but the “coffee~ish” taste will start to grow on you and before you know it, you are addicted to it. The rice crackers are made with brown sugar and coated with hard cream frosting, it sounds like a combo for sinful indulgence… WHO CARES!!! WE WANT MORE!!!

This is the one thing you die die must buy during this J-Treats Festival.



Tajimaya Coffee House (S$2.20)

7-Eleven J-Treats review Tajimaya Coffee House

Morning caffeine boost with Tajimaya Coffee House

Now you can have a taste of the coffee from Tajiyama Coffee House in Shinjuku, right from your home in Singapore. Each packet comes with a sachet where you suspend over your mug and pour hot water over it to serve. This is a decent aromatic coffee to have in the morning where do not have time to brew for one. The down side is it costs S$2.20 for one serving.

7-Eleven J-Treats review Tajimaya Coffee House

Tajimaya Coffee House



Pancan Canned Bread (S$6.80)

7-Eleven J-Treats review Pancan Canned Bread

Pancan Canned Bread

This is not the best bread we ever had. But it is the cutest packaging we have ever seen for a bread. The bread is pretty decent and fragrant. If you have that spare cash, you might wanna just give it a try. #YOLO

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