Din Tai Fung - Pan-fried shrimp and pork gyoza

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Din Tai Fung - Taiwan Shrimp & Pork Oriental Wantons with Spicy Sauce
Taiwan Shrimp & Pork Oriental Wantons with Spicy Sauce


18 April 2012, Singapore – You have till 30 April to try Din Tai Fung’s Taiwan Shrimp & Pork Oriental Wantons with Spicy Sauce.

These triangular-shaped wantons fan out, collecting the tangy, spicy sauce in its folds. Silky smooth skins glide over; the filling is lightly seasoned, allowing the natural sweetness of fresh minced pork and shrimps to complement the strong taste and fragrance of the chilli oil and black vinegar, two key ingredients of the spicy sauce. The wantons dish out just the right amount of vinegary hit, leaving one wanting more.

Available at S$7.50 across all outlets (except Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, where they retail at S$8 per serving)

Din Tai Fung - Pan-fried shrimp and pork gyoza
Pan-fried shrimp and pork gyoza


Next, the Pan-fried Shrimp & Pork Gyoza, which is increasingly popular with Din Tai Fung aficionados. This can be attributed to the trinity of an excellent presentation, a crisp skin, and a gratifying juicy filling.Five gyozas in a single serving, these traditional gyozas are exquisitely joined by a golden- brown wafer-thin layer of potato starch batter. The filling is made up of minced pork, black pepper, fresh shrimps and fragrant chives. The edges of the gyozas are then carefully crimped and sealed together, locking in flavour as the gyozas are cooked.Specially imported equipment allows the gyozas to be pan-fried to crisp perfection. The true testament of the chefs’ skill is demonstrated in the swift removal of the gyoza from the pan, then presenting the five gyozas in a flawless caramel-coloured rectangular sheet. Delivering on the brand’s promise of consistency, the Pan-fried Shrimp & Pork Gyoza is available only from 3 to 5pm daily, due to the exacting standards and highly time and skill intensive production requirements. The dish retails at S$7 and is best enjoyed with ginger strips in vinegar and chilli oil.

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