Our Korner at The Scarlet Hotel, Where East Meets West

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29 February 2012, Singapore – Choosing a restaurant to accommodate all your friends’ preferences for a meal can be a chore and most of us experience this.   Recently we discovered the answer to this problem when we were hosted at “Our Korner”.

Located in The Scarlet Hotel, Our Korner is a trendy & classy restaurant bar that fills your craving for asian and western comfort food.

One quick look at the menu, we noticed local flavours such as  Chilli Crab Sliders, Pizza with Chicken Curry, Pasta with Minced Pork, Laksa Clam Chowder with truffle oil and many others.  They have an international flavour added to it.  You have to try specialties such as Laksa Clam Chowder and the very tender Beef Ragout.

No meal is complete without desserts, coffee and a wide selection of cocktails and new world wines and beers.    This won’t be our last stop to Our Korner.  We love the food, and we want more.

Chili Crab Sliders

Chili Crab Sliders - S$22 for a serving of four portions

Laksa Clam Chowder

Laksa Clam Chowder - S$14

Curry Chicken Pizza

Curry Chicken Pizza - S$12 for a 7" pizza

Escargot Pie

Escargot Pie - S$14

Beef Ragout

Beef Ragout - S$35

Oriental Wings

Oriental Wings - S$16

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake - S$14

Thyme To Roll

Thyme To Roll

Our Korner is located at 33 Erskine Road.  Call for reservations at +6565113323 or visit their website at www.ourkorner.com.sg


  1. chilli crab sliders look promising, a very alluring interior too :”)

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