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McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger review singapore price

McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger & Coconut Pie comes to Singapore

For the very first time, McDonald’s Singapore joins Singapore Food Festival in celebration of our local multi-ethnic food heritage by launching a limited time only menu that serves up your favourite local dishes with McDonald’s spin on it. We were given the opportunity to give this Singapore exclusive menu a try before it launches on 13 July 2017. We are loving the Nasi Lemak Burger and the Coconut Pie!!! YUMZ!!!

Nasi Lemak Burger

McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger review singapore price

McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger

Nasi Lemak is something every Singaporean can savour anytime of the day, including late night supper. The key to a mouthwatering Nasi Lemak is the sambal chili and the “lemak-ness” (that creamy coconut goodness) of the rice. So how did McDonald’s pull off the lemak-ness without the rice?

CLEVER! I must say. The thick and juicy chicken thigh patty is infused with that aromatic coconut flavour and engulfed in an extra crispy crust of cornflakes. Together with fresh cucumber, a fried egg (not the same egg used in Mcdonald’s breakfast), caramelised onions and topped with the sweet & not too spicy sambal sauce, you just got yourself a yummy Nasi Lemak without rice. Totally worth your calories! Of course, it doesn’t come with Fish Otah. You’ll have to bring your own.

The Nasi Lemak Burger is available at McDonald’s across Singapore from S$5.95 for a la carte or S$7.80 for an Extra Value Meal.

Goodbye Banana Pie… Welcome The Coconut Pie

McDonald's Coconut Pie review singapore price

McDonald’s Coconut Pie

The team at were fans of the Banana Pie for the whole month of June 2017!!!  The flavour of July will definitely be the Coconut Pie!!! The taste was spot on and so smooth it just flows down your throat. It is not too sweet and so light on your palette that you would not mind gobbling one down after a full meal. You will crave for more!!!

The Coconut Pie is available at McDonald’s across Singapore from S$1.20.


Other Local Inspired Items For Singapore Food Festival 2017

McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger review singapore price

McDonald’s Singapore Food Festival special menu

To balance out the rich flavours of your meal, chill out with a glass of Bandung McFizz from S$3 – a refreshing take on an old-school favourite.

End your meal on a sweet note by digging into a Chendol McFlurry from S$3. Comprising a mix of vanilla soft serve with Gula Melaka sauce whisked to perfection with Chendol jelly bits, customers can savour the taste of the traditional dessert with a modern twist.

The beloved chendol flavour is also making its way to our Dessert Kiosks and adding a local touch to our Vanilla Cones. Slurp on the Chendol Melaka Cone and Chendol Melaka Twist from $1 each or go with an adventurous choice of the Chendol Melaka ChocoCone from S$1.20, available all day at McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks, while stocks last.

For the perfect pick-me-up, visit McCafé to grab a Pandan Coco Frappé and Kueh Salat Cake. Available all day from $4.60, the Pandan Coco Frappé combines a perfect blend of coconut and fragrant Pandan flavours with grass jelly– an ultimate treat to cool off the heat! Or treat your taste buds to the Kueh Salat Cake consisting of pandan sponge cake and a delectable glutinous rice layer – a unique cake and kueh experience rolled into one! Available all day from S$5, while stocks last.


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  3. TodayI tried the new NASI LEMAK set meal from McDonalds. Here is my review:

    I live above the McDonalds at 369 Sembawang Road, and I come it all the time for a quick bite or to meet up with friends and colleagues. The manager, Jeslyn Ung, is always so friendly to me and my family when we stop by – really, the whole staff, top to bottom, is really, friendly, very well-trained in customer service, and keen representatives of your restaurant.

    I started with the CrissCut fries – very well cooked, crispy and delicious. The shape is more suitable for picking up katsup than long fries, and it fits the mouth better without accidental flicking of sauce on the face or shirt.

    Next, I took a sip of the Bandung McFizz. Bandang is typically a pink, rose-syrup drink which can be very very sweet – often too much so. This one has a nice balance of flavor, sweetness and quenching ability. I really loved it. Very thirst-quenching.

    Next, I attacked the Nasi Lemak. Now, I’m an Ang Moh (caucasian) who has lived in Singapore for 15 years. About 5 years ago I developed a taste for Nasi Lemak, and have made it my business to scour the island for new versions. So far, the best is at Khatib food court. But the McDonald’s version captures all the flavours and textures.

    one criticism: I was looking forward to the familiar salty taste and crunch of ikan bilis, so I was disappointed to find it was replaced with sweet onions. Thought the onions help brought out the flavour of the sambal, the overall texture of the sandwich grew increasingly soggy as I ate, whereas with more dry ingredients (like Ikan Bilis) the sandwich might retain it’s physical integrity longer.

    Another suggestion for the sambal: it was nice, but very much on the tame, sweet side. perhaps a low, medium, hot option for the sambal will add a slight time delay to the order, but will more than make up for it in customer satisfaction, since the sambal is the heart of the meal.

    That being said, the chicken, egg and cucumber were perfect; a nice balance of flavour and texture, and the high-quality bun kept the motley collection of indredients (mostly) in place.

    Finally, dessert: the coconut pie. The filling was creamier than many coconut pies I’ve had before – almost a pudding, and there were a few flakes of solid coconut inside. A very nice close to the meal!

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