Wong Li-Lin Loopz Fitness Band

10 Minute Workout With Loopz Fitness By Wong Li-lin


Here is the first installment of a series of workout videos that we will be producing together with local celebrity & wellness trainer, Wong Li-Lin, to share the knowledge on how to keep fit while keeping up with your busy schedule.

Li-Lin created Loopz Fitness for easy and functional workouts so that you can do it anytime in your day and anywhere you are with the ultra portable Loopz Fitness Band. Even professional athletes & trainers find it an effective lean routine that works on your core for great shape, health and vitality. 

Fold it and slot in into your bag. Whether you are in the office or overseas, with just 10 to 15 minutes to spare, pick up the Loopz Fitness Band and you are ready for a quick fix to keep in shape & stay healthy.

Loopz Fitness Bands is priced at S$69.90 and can be bought online at loopzfitness.com as well as this list of stores islandwide.


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