Cough and sore throat remedy made to complement your modern hectic lifestyle

Herbs used for Three Legs Pe Pa Kao
Herbs used for Three Legs Pe Pa Kao

15 December 2010, Singapore – Wen Ken Group, a Singapore-based natural Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical company,  launched Three Legs Pe Pa Kao with a new twist bearing the benefits of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in mind in a new packaging that makes it convenient for you to carry around when you are on the go.

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao - cough and throat remedy
Three Legs Pe Pa Kao - Available at all NTUCs, Unity Healthcare Pharmacies, Polyclinics, Changi Hospital Pharmacy, OG, Chinese Medical Halls and mini marts Price: $2.80 (90 ml), $3.80 (180 ml)

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao helps to relieve cough, sore throat and loss of voice. Made with 15 premium Chinese herbs, it has properties that help to nourish the lungs, relieve cough and reduce phlegm. It also helps to reduce throat irritations and helps one to recover from loss of voice. With a base using honey in its ingredient mix, Three Legs Pe Pa Kao also performs the role of rejuvenating one’s skin. Pe Pa Kao has traditionally been used for the prevention of cough, sore throat and protects the voice and nourishes the skin.

Specially and carefully concocted with Loquat leaves, Pear, Honey and 13 other premium Chinese herbs, Three Legs Pe Pa Kao uses a special preparation method that retains the best essence of these herbs. With its unique blend of ingredients where honey forms up the largest composition, every bottle of Pe Pa Kao guarantees the best efficacy because the herbs chosen complements one another to bring out the best efficacy. Truly a concoction made with love, it caters to health and beauty needs that are suitable for families and individuals of all ages. Three Legs Pe Pa Kao is also halal certified, which is suitable for Muslim consumers as well.

Special packaging for great convenience

Taking into account many on-the-go needs of consumers today, Three Legs Pe Pa Kao comes in a special packaging is light weight that allows for easy carrying around. Each bottle of Pe Pa Kao is made from plastic and provides excellent grip. Accompanied with a flip-top cap and non-drip feature, it is easy to handle and leaves no residue behind when pouring. The 90ml bottle is perfect for you to pack into your luggage when you travel.

Recipe 101

For those who loves soya beancurd, you can try replacing sugar syrup with Pe Pa Kao.  It will make your soya beancurd taste like Almond pudding adding the goodness of Pe Pa Kao instead of plain sugar, making it less SINFUL.

Pe Pa Kao with soya beancurd
Pe Pa Kao with soya beancurd


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