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15 January 2010, Singapore – I checked into Body Inc at the 5th floor of Ngee Ann City, Singapore recently and did a live blood test and was surprised that it could tell my state of health and what remedies I required. Live Blood does not require tubes of blood to be drawn. Just a prick with a needle and a drop of blood is required.

I believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).   I was prescribed with quite a few different types of chinese herbs to fix the various problems that were shown on the live blood test.

I have also been doing my 120 minutes of regular detox which includes 45 minutes of lymphatic massage, 75 minutes of Ion Osmosis detox, FIR and foot scrub. It is perfect time for reflection and meditation while getting electric current pulses running through my back giving me occasional spasmodic movements of my arms during the Ion Osmosis Detox.  At times the feeling felt a tad bit strange.

The initial few sessions was a real shocker when the container of clear water where I soaked my feet turned orangy black and bubbly.  Absolutely disgusting but it was clear indication that I was abusing my own internal system.

What’s more, you may chance upon Jacelyn Tay, artiste and celebrity writer while your have a bowl of soup or refreshing drink in the cafe / library within the Ngee Ann City outlet.   Great place to chill out or have your business meeting after a lunch treatment.  I absolutely love their tasty yet healthy set meals offering.

You can find out more on Body Inc’s holistic health management services website or join their Facebook Group.

Body Inc is located at
– 391 Orchard Road #05-19/20, Ngee Ann City

Be pampered at all times. Body Inc’s unique spa concept seeks to satisfy your inner desires holistically, leaving you completely satisfied.

It’s not only a venue for invigourating spa treatments, you can also indulge in the light food served at the Health-T Bar or read at the Boutique Library while you having a treatment done.Body Inc - Jacelyn Tay

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  1. Cheerful Boh

    does it cost a lot of money. What happen if you do not sign up their programme after the blood test?

    • Body Inc. Healthcare

      Hi Cheerful Boh,

      It costs $120 for a session of live blood microscopy (LBM). We do not sell package for that. After the LBM session, the practitioner will advise lifestyle/ diet adjustment & supplement/ treatment needed if necessary. And is up to the client to decide what they need to do after our advises. Most important is to have they seeing their live blood’s condition & make early adjustment to their lifestyle & diet for a holistic living.

      Body Inc.
      Beauty comes from the abundance of health, from within.

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