Your One Blood Donation Can Save Three Lives

Red Cross Connect Blood Donation


Singapore Red Cross recently launched its Red Cross Connect mobile app that alerts potential blood donors when there is a shortage of a blood group in the blood bank. Even if you are not a potential donor, you may help by passing this message to your social media network to increase awareness.

Less than 2% of the Singapore population is donating blood to the blood bank today. With just another 1% more of the population starts donating blood, the shortage of blood will be resolved. Blood donation is swift and easy. With only 60 minutes of your time, you potentially save three lives.

This mobile app also helps you to keep track of your donations and also provide locations of the donation centres.

So lets do our part and help save lives. Start by downloading the app, log in with your Facebook account and register with your blood group. It’s so simple.



Red Cross Connect Blood Donation


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