SURFSET & Zumba Step – Exclusive Workout Classes Trending In Singapore

SURFSET is now in Singapore
SURFSET is now in Singapore

Over the last decade, workout classes like Body Combat, Body Pump, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba have become really popular across fitness centers around Singapore. SURFSET and Zumba Step are two new classes that had just been introduced in Singapore and are currently exclusively conducted at SURFSET Singapore and Virgin Active respectively.

These two workouts are both created based on the fundamentals of basis workouts like Yoga or Zumba, while adding in balancing or gravity to increase the intensity and challenge of the workout.

Surfset Fitness Singapore

SURFSET is like doing Yoga on a Bosu Ball where it further strengthens your core and shapes up your physique when your body tries to balance on the surf board. SURFSET comes in three types of workout intensity – Balance, Core and Sweat. Balance being the most basic, is suitable for beginners which focuses on breathing, flexibility, core strength and body control. Sweat is a total-body toning session that focuses on building aerobic capacity, burning fat and pushing past plateaus with quick, high-intensity sprints. More photos here. Check out our introductory SURFSET class footage below:

By adding a step board, Zumba Step will elevate the fitness party with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba flavour, step aerobics variations and fitness movements set to infectious global beats. You can expect to feel the burn in targeted areas like glutes and legs for a lower-body sculpting workout that is easy-to-follow and yields amazing results. Check out our introductory Zumba Step class footage below:

For more information and pricing on SURFSET, visit For Zumba Step please visit

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