Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Week 3 R&B Elimination

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: Phil and Natalie Gets booted Out

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Week 3 R&B Elimination

29 July 2012, Singapore – The twelve remaining boys and girls of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia got back at Dragonfly in their challenge this week to stay within the competition.  This week’s genre was R&B which seemed to be missing in the performances except for a few.   With Fiona and Kenneth being the first two to be eliminated,  this week we see 30 year old Brit Phil and 21 year old bubbly Natalie pack their bags and leave the competition.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - The remaining 12
The 12 Performing at Sunsilk Academy Fantasia R&B Competition. (Click to enlarge)


This week, the three judges were Taiwanese Dr. Moon and 小胖老师 as well as Billy Koh.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Judges
小胖老师Dr Moon and Billy Koh

What’s more Taiwanese Singer Lala 徐佳莹 made a special appearance as well. Be sure to check out the video of her performance at the bottom of this post.

Taiwanese Singer Lala 徐佳莹at Sunsilk Academy Fantasia
Taiwanese Singer Lala 徐佳莹 at Sunsilk Academy Fantasia

You can catch highlights of the performances in the video below.

This week there is marginal differences between the scores amongst the participants.  Solo shots of the participants are available on our Facebook Fan Page.

The Boys

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - R&B Round - Boys
The Boys congratulate each other for defeating the girls Their reward was a letter from their family


This week Phil Carmalt and ET fall into the danger zone because they had very weak votes from the audience.   We find it interesting that ET still has not been able to garner more audience votes and participation.

Jun Yang –  This week the judges were not impressed by the 20 year old Malaysian student.   Judges felt that Jun Yang needed to improve on his basic singing and not bite his words. Jun Yang needs to spend ore time practising his singing rather than on his hair.  In retrospect, Kpop artistes may spend time grooming but they spend “18 hours of the time practising and the rest of the time to rest”.  Jun Yang received the highest votes from audience but the lowest scores from the judges.

Zhang Chi – The judges like Zhang Chi’s power and character but advised him to portray his coolness to the end and not show his nervousness.   Zhang Chi needs to interact with the audience.  Judges scored Zhang Chi above average and audience votes was borderline.

Phil –  The judges were impressed with his sincere performance.  In fact, 小胖老师 was impressed that Phil spoke Mandarin and invited him to participate in Taiwan’s 星光大道 where David Tao is a judge there.   Phil received the highest results from the judges but the audience did not agree with that giving him the lowest votes of the lot.

Irwin – Judges felt Irwin needed to work on the high pitch tones as well as to build a stage presence to impress the audience.  Irwin got average scoring from the judges but audience votes were not bad.

Guang Li – Guang Li previously mentioned that he had no confidence in R&B genre, and he let that show in his performance.  Judges felt that his performance was not suited for R&B and hence got low results from them.  However, to our surprise, he received rather high votes from the audience.

ET – Judges liked ET’s  groovy performance and personal style, but they felt his performance is not natural.   Surprisingly, for the second consecutive week, ET received weak votes from audience.


The Girls

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - R&B - The Girls
The Girls


This week it is interesting to see Natalie and Zhi Lin in the danger zone.  Earlier in the week, we saw some friction amongst the two which cleared up before the performance yesterday.

Vee – The judges were not too impressed with Vee using too much falsetto, and shouting too much.  They gave her not a good score but she was saved by the audience’s moderately high votes.

Hui Xian – Judges felt she was not relaxed enough.  They felt that the emotions she portrayed did not match the words of the song.  Hui Xian needs to work on the bass and low notes.

Natalie – The judges felt that Natalie was sexy and did a good job on the R&B song.  She received the highest scores amongst the girls but very weak support from the audience.

Zhi Lin – The judges felt that Zhi Lin’s performance was a forgettable one and it also had the least R&B vibe.  She received the lowest scores from the judges but the audience thought otherwise.

Chloe – Despite having a good voice, the judges felt that Chloe did not portray the song well in her performance which was also not impressionable.  She was saved by audience votes.

Jessie – Her performance was great despite her small frame and is compared to the tenacity of Jolene Tsai.  She needs to show her energy and can stand out of the crowd.  She scored well with the judges and audience.

The Announcement

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Phil Carmalt gets eliminated
Phil Carmalts Final Performance at Sunsilk Academy Fantasia

Phil expressed that ET should be the one staying on as he is a much better performer than himself.  He would feel bad if ET was booted out.   ET expressed that Phil had worked hard too and deserved to stay. When asked what she felt about her performance, Natalie felt that she had worked hard this week while Zhi Lin expressed that she would willingly lose to Natalie because Natalie was filled with passion for dancing and singing.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia - Natalie's last performance
Natalies last performance

After the results were announced, it was uncomfortably emotional.   Vee and Chloe joined Natalie in tears.  Natalie urged every one to continue on singing better and had to remind them that she was not dead yet when everyone got more emotional.  Even Zhang Chi was in tears while soliciting solace from his ‘brother’ Guang Li.

Phil says his life out there is great and he is looking forward to meeting his friends and family.  Phil still has a chance to visit Taiwan to look for his idol David Tao.  Will we see him in an episode of 星光大道?

Check out the performance of Taiwanese Singer Lala 徐佳莹 below:



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