I wanna Chill out in Manchester and get a picture with Wayne Rooney

During a recent blogger session with the good people from Tiger Beer at Beer Market in Clark Quay, I was given the first hand exposure to Tiger’s Football initiatives and their involvement with Wayne Rooney.

I was more excited about the chance to win a trip to check out Manchester than to kick about with Wayne Mark Rooney or dine and share a beer with him.  Okay, I actually don’t mind visiting the Old Trafford Stadum and experience a Manchester United league match at the Theatre of Dreams.

So want to get first hand coverage and videos about Wayne Rooney and Manchester?  Help me to promote this page through the social media space, be it Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, My Space or any of the platforms.  I have 2 days to garner as much online buzz as possible!

You can copy the following text to tweet or Facebook.

Send SUPERADRIANME to Manchester to meet Wayne Rooney. Spread the Word.  http://bit.ly/adrian4tiger

The top 6 most active guys will get autographed merchandise from Wayne Rooney and Tiger Beer will throw a party for us.  That’s if I get selected!

So for those of you out there who’s as clueless as I am about Football or Wayne Rooney, I did a search in Google about this football personality.  (More details from Wikipedia)

More personal information on Wayne Rooney can be found on


Visit Manchester’s official website to find out what else you can do in Manchester.

If you are in Manchester in October be sure to check out the Machester Weekender

The Manchester Weekender

Forty-eight hours of some of the most unusual cultural experiences you’ll find anywhere in the UK

The Manchester Weekender, 1-3 October 2010.

An autumn visit to Manchester is always a safe bet: decent weather, nightlife in full swing, galleries opening new blockbusters and more festivals than you can shake a VIP pass at (science, food and drink, literature, music, comedy) – it all adds up to a good time.

But this autumn looks set to be better than ever thanks to The Manchester Weekender, a long weekend in October that wraps up the best of the city’s culture into one unforgettable weekend.

With everyone from Un-convention to Manchester Art Gallery taking part, the Weekender features interactive art, bicycle tours, boat parties, street dance, the future of urban music, digital-classical musical fusions, America’s hottest novelist, performance art, midnight film screenings, three-course meals, the world’s best known visual artists, festival launches and much more.

The full programme launches on 6 September on Creative Tourist or you can join the mailing list now

If you can’t wait that long, here’s our Top 5 for the Weekender!

  • Manchester United: Rooney ready for Hammers test (clubcall.com)
  • Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney stars in excellent Tiger Beer ad (101greatgoals.com)
  • Wayne Rooney Doomed to Failure After Three-Quarters Of a Football Match (bleacherreport.com)
  • Fergie hails team effort as Rooney ends drought (soccernet.espn.go.com)
  • Wayne Rooney joins chorus calling for Paul Scholes’ England return (guardian.co.uk)

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