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Breakfast BK SHOTS Egg Benny and Tomato Benny

Breakfast at BURGER KING, grab a BK SHOTS for a Quick Bite

  July 2011, Singapore – BURGER KING invites you to start your mornings by having  Breakfast with the King, where a variety of tasty breakfast choices complemented by a cup of piping hot Seattle’s Best Coffee will delight your palate. BURGER KING introduces three new breakfast choices to their breakfast menu […]

BK SHOTS Burgers - What Women Wants, What Women Gets

BK SHOTS Burgers: What Women Want, Women Get

    April 2011, Singapore –  Launched islandwide on 28 April 2011, under the campaign “WHAT WOMEN WANT, WOMEN GET”, the new BK SHOTS burgers compact the flame‐grilled goodness of the BURGER KING burger into bite‐size options. Each BK SHOTS burger can also be split into two and shared with […]

You’ll Never Chicken Out with Burger King

January 2011, Singapore – Burger King’s latest campaign in Singapore, “With the King You’ll Never Chicken Out” has hit the online space with 3 videos.   This is Burger King’s call to all to stand up for what is right and ‘Never Chicken Out’.    Burger King played on the double meaning […]

Burger King Serves Seattle’s Best Coffee

November 2010, Singapore – In October, the senior management of Burger King walked down Orchard Road to apologize for not introducing soft serve ice-cream sooner.  There was a free cone day for the public to taste the new offering at 9 BK outlets throughout Singapore and 1-for-1 deals for BK […]