CNY 2022 - Burger King Media Drop

CNY 2022 – Fast Food Edition

Celebrate the year of the Tiger with these fast food options and beverages for a limited time only. A change from the usual Chinese New Year festive treats that you have been indulging these past few days can be quite refreshing. Do also check out our other CNY features on – Year of the Tiger Red Packet Designs, CNY 2022 What To Eat and CNY 2022 Drinks Edition.

Burger King Ultimate Yuzu Burgers

Burger King CNY 2022 - The Ulimate Yuzu Tendergrill Chicken and Double Ultimate Yuzu Salmon Burger
Burger King CNY 2022 The Ulimate Yuzu Tendergrill Chicken and Double Ultimate Yuzu Salmon Burger

Yuzu is the star of two new burgers. The new Double Ultimate Yuzu Salmon Burger contains two juicy and crispy salmon patties layer with two slices of American Cheese and slathered with Yuzu Mayo. The Ultimate Yuzu Tendergrill Chicken packs the 100% flame-grilled chicken thigh patty with American Cheese and Yuzu Mayo giving a balanced smoky and tangy flavour. Get the Four-tune Box with all BK’s all time favourite snacks and bites. They include a six-piece BK Nuggets, Onion Rings, two-piece Mexican Drumlets and Saku Saku Fish Bites. And not forgetting three CNY-themed desserts – Ong Lai Float, Or Nee Pie and Ong Lai Sundae. We enjoyed the Or Nee Pie. Chunks of taro and sweet potato within the crispy, flaky pie crust. What’s there not to like?

Domino’s Cheese Xplosion Pizza

Domino's Xplosion Cheese Pizza
Dominos Xplosion Cheese Pizza

Domino’s Pizza Singapore’s Cheese Xplosion Pizza is available for a limited time with 2.5 times more cheese till 14 February 2022. There’s Domino’s Signature garlic and butter-infused Top Secret Sauce, topped with 2.5 times more cheese as you bite into the hand-stretched cheesy crust oozing with 100% mozzarella cheese.

Can’t decide what to order? Domino’s Pizza Singapore has three curated bundles. Double Ong Meal for 2, Very Heng Meal for 5 and the Super Huat Meal for 8 that are specially priced from S$25.90 to S$79. Domino’s Pizza Singapore has for the first time launched its own exclusive branded red packets. Receive a complimentary set when you purchase at least one of the three bundles in stores. There are four designs that form a quattro pizza when placed together.

HEYTEA Very Tangerine Blast

HEYTEA Tangerine Blast
HEYTEA Very Tangerine Blast

HEYTEA’s seasonal special is the Very Tangerine Blast – a refreshing beverage with citrus notes from the tangerine as well as Regal Aqua Green Tea that balances it off. Tangerine and orange in Mandarin represents the words for luck and success. Perhaps drinking more Very Tangerine Blast may just make the water tiger year a very lucky one of you.

Visit a HEYTEA Singapore outlet at ION, Westgate, MBS, VivoCity and Orchard Central.

Check out HEYTEA’s goregeous Red Packet Design in our annual red packet round up under the “Not So Red” section.

KFC Golden Cheesy Crunch

The New KFC Golden Cheesy Crunch and return of Crispy Chicken Skin
The New KFC Golden Cheesy Crunch and return of Crispy Chicken Skin

The KFC Golden Cheesy Crunch are still available for a limited time. Cheese lovers will enjoy this. Each piece of crispy chicken is coated in a winning blend of cheese seasoning and topped with cheese crumbs giving the fried chicken its bright and golden appearance. And the KFC Goldspice Chicken Skin is also very addictive. Freshly hand-breaded and fried to crispy perfection chicken skin is tossed and coated in a signature blend of salted egg, curry leaves and sweet basil. Or if you were a fan of the original flavour, you can also get the Original Recipe Chicken Skin for the same price. Check out more in our previous article.

Pizza Hut Golden Cereal Chicken

Pizza Hut New Golden Cereal Chicken Pizza
CNY 2022 Pizza Hut New Golden Cereal Chicken Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Golden Cereal Chicken Pizza is available until 9 March 2022. The aroma will hit you first before you even start. Enjoy juicy chicken pop, crispy golden cereal and curry leaves, drizzled with garlic buttermilk sauce, from S$15.90. There is also a Cheesy Stuffed Crust version of the Golden Cereal Chicken Pizza.

There are also other festive menu items including Golden Cereal Fish & Chips, Fish Dippers with Tartar Sauce, Pizza Cheese Sticks,  Mini Hot Chicky Ribs , “Huat!” Platter and Nestle Strawberry Lemonade. Get the “Huat!” Snack Box.

Pizza Hut also has a new Waffle with KITKAT dessert. And you can also add on Ice Cream.

POKKA Amps Up Your CNY Feasts

CNY 2022 - Pokka-5632

POKKA invites you to celebrate the lunar new year with vitality. Degrease and refresh with POKKA’s Jasmine Green Tea with no sugar. Smooth, light and soothing as you indulge in Chinese New Year treats. The Hojicha Japanese Tea is brewed with pure Japanese tea leaves that have been roasted to perfection. This tea is perfect to pair with your steamboat. And POKKA’s peach Oolong Tea pairs perfectly with Yusheng. It allows for a light, refreshing and sweet indulgence to go well with your plate of prosperity. Make sure you have POKKA’s Festive Pack that contains 12 beverages. Till the end of February, spend a minimum of S$8 on POKKA products and stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to S$888. Spend S$18, S$28 or S$38 on POKKA products to redeem a 1.6L Glass Baking Dish, Luminary Pot Swing Glass Jars and 3-piece Airtight Glass Tupperware respectively.

Subway Black Pepper Chicken or Beef Sub and New Peach Oolong Cookie
Subway Black Pepper Chicken or Beef Sub and New Peach Oolong Cookie

Subway Singapore has launched the Black Pepper Chicken or Beef available in a Sub, Salad or Wrap and a Peach Oolong Cookie which are available till 12 April 2022. The deep yet sweet aromas of the Black Pepper mixed with Subway’s beef steak or chicken strips will tantalise your taste buds with a mild peppery kick. Goes best with Old English Cheddar, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Corn, Onions and a drizzle of Mayonnaise.

The Peach Oolong Cookie combines finely ground oolong tea leaves with bursts of peach essence.

Check out the Subway red packets in our annual red packet round up feature.

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