New BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy A80, Watch & Earbuds Bundle

BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy A80 Watch Ear Buds review unbox best price singapore
Your favourite Samsung devices in BLACK & PINK

Since the recent success of the BLACKPINK exclusive merchandise for the Samsung Galaxy A80, Samsung had just announced another BLACKPINK Special Edition Galaxy device bundle for BLINKS out there. Comprising a Samsung Galaxy A80, Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds (all BLACKPINK themed) and BLACKPINK’s latest “Kill This Love” album, this curated bundle is designed to provide fans with the best fandom experience with this devices.

What’s In The Box?

BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy A80 Watch Ear Buds review unbox best price singapore
It comes is a gorgeous gift box
  • Exclusive BLACKPINK content on the Galaxy A80 – Fans will be able to enjoy special BLACKPINK content such as the exclusive BLACKPINK booting animation and Always-on Display, curated themes and icons, and a personalised homescreen photo carousel. Fans can also freely express themselves with a set of BLACKPINK character stickers, enhancing conversations and interactions with their loved ones.    
BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy A80 Watch Ear Buds review unbox best price singapore
BLACKPINK special edition of Samsung Galaxy A80
  • An enriching lifestyle with the Galaxy Watch Active – With the thoughtfully-designed special edition Galaxy Watch Active, fans will be able to enjoy the BLACKPINK booting animation on the watch start-up as well as stylish watch faces aligned with the world-renowned girl group’s theme and colours. Life will never be dull with the attractive and versatile Galaxy Watch Active.         
BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review unbox best price singapore
BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy Buds Ear review unbox best price singapore
BLACKPINK Samsung Galaxy Buds
  • A supreme listening experience with the Galaxy Buds – These compact Galaxy Buds in the colours black and pink are desiged to be everyday in-ear lifestyle companions for fashion-forward fans. Lightweight and stylish, fans will have the ultimate experience with the comfortable form factor, easy controls, and clear and crisp sound.   
Unboxing BLACKPINK Special Edition Samsung Galaxy A80

This is truely a beautiful set of merchandise for die hard fans of BLACKPINK… 😍

Posted by on Thursday, 25 July 2019

The BLACKPINK Special Edition will be available at the recommended retail price of S$1,198 from 1 August 2019, at all Samsung Experience Stores and the official Samsung store on, while stocks last. You can check out the unboxing of the BLACKPINK edition merchandise for Samsung Galaxy A80 above.


  1. I want this

  2. Where did I can buy this box?? There is that in Italy??

  3. It looks so beautiful I love it

  4. Ameiii gostaria de o comprar!!!!!!

  5. Almak istiyorum ama Galaxy A80 değilde direk BLACKPINK temasını almak istiyorum lütfen destek olun

  6. Andrés Rodríguez Carvajal

    ¡Yo lo quierooo!💓🖤

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  8. Zahro Nur Laili

    Bagus banget !!!😃

  9. Quiero comprarlo pero no tengo mucho dinero y no se dónde lo puedo conseguir

  10. Anonymous

    Pero quiero saber si ya trae el celular adentro de la caja

  11. Tem como comprar pela internet ou só na loja da Samsung????

  12. I can’t buy it firsts i dont know where to buy it 2 i dont have money to buy it

  13. I wish I can buy this but it cost too much if anyone is going to get mad at me for saying this, i am poor girl I don’t have a lot of money I can buy this I want to buy it but I can and I’m a big fan of blackpink

  14. can I buy it

  15. How can I get it? Can anyone help me …

  16. Ilov you BLACK PINK AN YOUR AREA 😭❤️

  17. how much is the complete set of this?

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  20. Outstanding from bhubaneswar

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