Colourful Splash With HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 & 15

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HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 & 15


The new HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 and 15 provide a splash of colors to your daily routine by offering colour options like Vibrant Red, Aqua Blue, Natural Silver and Snow White options to suit your style.

Packed with hardware such as the 4th generation Intel Core processor, Beats Audio dual speakers and HD display, the new HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 & 15 offers speed, performance and endless hours of entertainment.

With a well thought-through bright neon-coloured soft-touch coating, you get a comfortable hold without the irritating fingerprints. Designed with Beats Audio and dual speakers for the best-sounding, richest audio on a PC.

The HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 & 15 will be available in stores from end May 2014. The HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 will be priced at S$1,099 and available in Natural Silver, Snow White and Vibrant Red. The HP Pavilion Notebook PC 15 will be priced at S$949 and available in Natural Silver, Snow White and Aqua Blue.


 HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14 Product Specifications:

 HP Pavilion Notebook PC 14


HP Pavilion Notebook PC 15 Product Specifications:

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