My 6 Months Photo Journal Using Huawei P20 Pro

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Huawei P20 and P20 Pro Singapore price review first look

Huawei P20 Pro

Freezing those memorable moments… that’s what we all like to do these days and sharing it on social media. So to have the convenience of a good camera that you can instantly whipped out from our pocket, that means the chance of us capturing those random and unplanned moments will be higher. So here are those random memories that I’ve captured with Huawei P20 Pro for the last six months…


That One night in Paris…

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

Paris – A moment to remember

It was less than 24 hours after I’ve received the newly unveiled Huawei P20 Pro. I looked out of my hotel window and saw this gorgeous view of Paris. With only 3 fingers holding the phone and risking dropping the phone, I’ve managed to take a 4 seconds Night shot through that small opening from the window.

That’s the first big WOW I gave to P20 Pro. The picture just popped. Even without any editing it’s already a gorgeous and “ready for publish kind” of shot. The alleys were not under exposed, the lights were not blown out by the long exposure. It was almost unnecessary for me to edit this shot… but I did slightly tweak it with Lightroom on the phone. Can you see that difference?


That Time I Met The Stars…

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

Lily James strolling down the red carpet

I was at the red carpet event for the premiere of The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society in Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel. Lily James, the leading lady graciously strolls down the red carpet, I frantically took out my phone and snapped this shot. There was no time for me to choose settings on the camera. I just let the AI (artificial intelligence) do its work.

And that shot was spot on. Made this little fan boy very happy. Hahaha… ya… I loved her from the movie, Baby Driver, with Ansel Elgort. If you can’t recognised her, she’s that waitress, aka Baby’s girlfriend.

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

Glen Powell (right) and screenplay writer, Thomas Bezucha (left)

The P20 Pro did a great job again for this moment where Glen Powell was welcoming the screenplay writer with a hug on the red carpet. It was perfect that the AI chose to use Portrait mode and precisely blurred out author, Annie Barrows and gave the focus on two men’s special moment. SPOT ON!


That Time I Had Hainanese Chicken Rice In Russia…

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

Our Singaporean moment on a Russian cruise

It was our 11th day on a cruise in Russia. By now, we being Asians, we missed our Asian food. So we somehow got the Caucasian chef onboard to cooked us that Hainanese chicken rice. Hahaha… my friend’s mum gave the chef some instruction on how to cook it and she brought her own chilli and ginger to make that Singaporean dish PERFECT!!! A food porn moment where we die die must capture and share it on social media immediately.


That ME Time During My Travels…

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

Me & a blossoming tree in Kensington, London

My sister taught me this when I was 12… “Who knows that you’ve been to that place if you never take a picture of yourself in it.” That’s was after I showed her all the animals I took at the zoo and not a single picture of me in the zoo. So based on her philosophy… I never visited the zoo.

I guessed that’s how it got me started in taking pictures of myself wherever I go. Hahaha… I just need that as a reason to tell people I am not narcissistic… much.

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

After the Colour Run

And I would need help from others to help me take a picture most of the time. If I passed them a proper camera, sometimes I would need to give them some simple instruction on how to operate it. But when I pass them a smartphone, they always know how to take a picture. Plus the Portrait mode on Huawei P20 Pro is smart enough to segregate me from the rest of the background to make me the focus… HAHAH FTW!!!

And even when I forgot to turned on the Portrait mode, the AI will automatically switch it on. Now I can trust whoever that helps me take a shot with the P20 Pro will take a good shot of me or at least a decent shot. I also love the vibrant colours that P20 Pro produced for these shots.


That Backlit Moment…

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

My Staycation at Hotel Indigo Katong

You know that dilemma of… should I be the focus or that scenic view outside of the window should be the focus? Because either you will be dark and underexposed or the scenery outside of the window will be overexposed till it’s blown out. This happens whenever we need to take a backlit shot by the window. With P20 Pro’s Night Mode, those annoying backlit shot days are over. You can keep those details of in the foreground and the background. Maybe tweak a little in Lightroom and its another beautiful shot right off the phone.


That I Am Still Singaporean…

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

Waiting for NDP rehearsal to start at Marina Bay Sands

Having to lug a camera when I travel, Singapore is the only place in the world you will least likely to see me wondering around with a camera. So the only camera I had with me all the time will be my smartphone. So to have a decent camera on the smartphone just makes me want to capture more candid side of my favourite country. Nothing patriotic… just that I am proud of it.

This is my home… looking pretty like a masterpiece even before the edit… It is my habit to always edit my pictures to give it that “UMPH” factor. Having a good camera system on P20 Pro which take pictures with great details and right exposures meant that I need less time and effort to edit since I’m already starting off with a perfect shot or almost perfect photo. *based on a photographer’s perspective lah… if you are not picky they are perfect… hahaha just saying…

Huawei P20 Pro long term review best camera phone 2018

This is our Singapore.. a masterpiece event without the edit

Hope that you like my photo journey with Huawei P20 Pro for the passed six months. It is really an everyday camera for everyone… Pro or non-pro… The Master AI Photography mode will do the work for you. It’s time to go out to SHOOOT with Huawei P20 Pro world’s first Triple Camera System on a smartphone co-engineered with Leica.

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